Triathlons + Endurance Sports

This page started with my journal entries to completing my first IRONMAN and grew into so much more. if you would like to collab or have any inquiries.

  • IRONMAN x Santini Triathlon Suit
    What else is out there? I’ve been wearing my Castelli San Remo trisuit for all of my triathlon races and I find it to be a fantastic tri suit. It has served me well but I also wonder what else […]
  • Subaru Grimsby Sprint Tri – I return to my first ever triathlon
    Returning to my first triathlon One year ago, I trained for Ironman Mont Tremblant. As a preparation to that behemoth, I registered to Grimsby Ontario’s Sprint Triathlon. That race taught me several lessons. Increase my open water swimming training, warm […]
  • My Final Result: IRONMAN Muskoka 70.3
    Training and life leading up towards the race If you’ve been reading my blogs and/or watching my Youtube shorts, I have been training all year to prepare for an IRONMAN. I knew I was going to do at least one […]
  • Castelli Free Sanremo Tri Suit Review – THE BEST TRI SUIT I OWN
    The most well rounded triathlon suit This review should have been blogged in 2020 when I made my first incredibly cringey Youtube video showing off the the castelli sanremo tri suit (starts at 3:23 if you dare to watch). I […]
  • Rose City Long Course Triathlon (Welland) – A Flat Race
    Why did I chose this race? After finishing Gravenhurst’s triathlon, I was ready to do another race the following week but I noticed that my body was not ready. I needed to recover. My mind was ready but my body […]
  • My Second Triathlon of the Season – Gravenhurst Triathlon
    Why did I choose this triathlon? First and foremost, I chose this triathlon because I heard you jump off a boat and swim back to shore. This sounded super cool. I originally wanted to do the Alcatraz triathlon but I […]
  • My First Triathlon of the Season – Subaru Triathlon Milton Sprint
    Why I chose this race I signed up to this race and promised myself that I would do a triathlon every weekend (and possibly do 3 Ironman’s) for the whole summer and see how shredded I could become. I just […]
  • My First Half Marathon Results : 3 hours and 2 minutes
    Minimal Training I registered to Around The Bay on January 29th 2023. It’s the oldest road race in the continent and it’s in my hometown. I planned to cut 40lbs since I was pushing 183lbs, run everyday, hit the weights, […]
  • My Fully Built Scott Plasma Premium 3
    There you have it, folks. I was finally able to save up enough money to afford the wheelset (more info on the bike specs). I now have a triathlon bike so powerful that I am unable to show the bike’s […]
  • What you need for your first Sprint Triathlon
    “I registered to my first sprint triathlon, now what?” Have you ever wanted to do 3 sports in one day? Have you ever wanted to push your limits? Do you want everyone you know to think you are crazy? Registering […]
    Part 1 – The Day Before the Race My last blog post was just some of the things on my mind before the race. I had so many emotions going through me. I was super stressed for this race and […]
  • DAY 95 – The Last Day Before my Ironman
    After being hit by a car and seeing how short life is, I decided to step it up by going harder at school( to graduate faster), better myself overall (always), look at a possible career change, and do more things […]
  • My First Olympic Triathlon – Toronto Triathlon Festival (2022)
    PREPARATION BEFORE THE RACE I was incredibly scared of this race. It was a 1.5km swim and I was dreading it. After doing the Grimsby sprint triathlon and almost having a panic attack from the inexperience of open water swimming, […]
  • Day 66 – IRONMAN Training (34 km run)
    We have had heat warnings all week. It’s gets up to 40 Degrees Celsius in southern Ontario. My Ironman is getting closer so I decided to see if I could do 42km in this insanely hot weather. I lasted 34km […]
  • Day 63 – IRONMAN Training (open water Progress)
    I went home and wanted to go straight to the beach but I felt very tired. I went home and passed out. After that, I woke up and watched open water swimming videos. Those videos helped me immensely today. I […]
  • Day 62 – IRONMAN Training
    Continued the training, attended class, worked hard. I need to sleep. Cycled 1 hour Swam 500 yards in open water Attended stats lecture
  • Day 61 – IRONMAN Training (Subaru Grimsby Triathlon)
    A coworker told me there was a triathlon around his area (grimsby Ontario) and that I should check it out. I quickly googled it and became very excited. I could finally test out all of my Ironman training. I was […]
  • Day 54 – IRONMAN Training (not even close and getting in debt)
    This weekend was busy. I had to re-read some chapters a couple of time to understand pop culture throughout the week. This weekend was reading and writing my summarization on pop culture . I managed to do some rides and […]
  • Day 50 – IRONMAN Training (sort of)
    These past couple of days I’ve been extremely busy with assignments. The classes I’m in are accelerated and end in 5-6 weeks. It is flying and it’s scary on the amount of information I’m taking in. I have to submit […]
  • Day 31 – IRONMAN Training
    As I lay in bed typing this out, I feel light as ever. I haven’t lost weight, I finished my sociology of sexuality class and finishing a class makes me feel really good. I wrote my final exam today and […]
  • Day 27 – IRONMAN Training
    These past couple of days and the weekend were insanely busy. Last week I had to write my short analytical paper. Writing scholarly papers is brutal yet becoming so satisfying. I had to read quite a bit bit but loved […]
  • Day 22 – IRONMAN Training
    I felt super tired today. I don’t know why. I did some physical work at work (help moved some big printers) and did some other operational IT tasks. I took it off today to relax. I will try to go […]
  • Day 21 – IRONMAN Training
    Today and yesterday was busy. First. Let’s talk about yesterday. I will let the picture tell you how that day went. I got a flat and now I keep thinking about all of the flat tyres I’ve gotten in the […]
  • Day 19 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was interesting, a lot of projects were announced and sounded interesting but I am starting to feel that I won’t be as involved. I’ve been thinking about asking for time to study for the CCNA to obtain new skills […]
  • Day 18 – IRONMAN Training
    Today I took a rest day. I did some physical stuff at work today and for some reason I went home and passed out. I then woke up and had a 3 hour class. today felt heavy. I don’t know […]
  • Day 17 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was nice. I started work around 10 and did some interesting tasks today. I also went out for a nice run and got shin splints. I cut it down to 6km to heal.
  • Day 16 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was a busy morning at work. I then went home, took a nap, hit the gym, and the decided not to go to Toronto for a metal concert. I need to save money and focus on training. No time […]
  • Day 15 – IRONMAN Training
    I was super sore but I went to work and went for a bike ride. That is all. I also did a mini review. See you tomorrow 😎
  • Roka Aero II Skinsuit – Review
    Yesterday’s 22km run destroyed me. I really should have rested today but I was craving a bike ride. I did a short ride since I listened to my body. I wanted to ride for one big reason. I wanted to […]
  • Day 14 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was insane. I decided to try running 42km. I managed to do 22km until my back was getting a bit sore. To ensure I would not get injured and make the pain worse, I stopped and walked back home. […]
  • Day 13 – IRONMAN Training
    I’m limited on time so I believe in these coming weeks. I will be doing long gruelling 3-5 hour rides on Zwift. I’m hoping that will allow me to do 30-3phkph for the 180km ride in Mont Tremblant in Quebec. […]
  • Day 12 – IRONMAN Training
    I went to work and did some physical stuff and some other things. As soon as I went home I passed out and woke up around 6pm. I was exhausted. I then hit the gym and went for a nice […]
  • Day 11 – IRONMAN Training
    I had to read up for sexuality class before my 3 hour lecture. We talked about transgender with the pathologized term dysphoria in the DSM. We talked about many issues they face along with the multidimensionality of LGTBQ and other […]
  • Day 10 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was another good day. I was able to wipe more computers. Tomorrow I’ll be going to other locations to fix things. Keto is going well. I’ve had no bread and kept the carbs at a minimum. I have to […]
  • Day 9 -IRONMAN Training
    What a day. For the majority of the day, I worked and continued wiping hard drives for computers we are disposing of. I enjoy writing but i need time to think when I write. I also need to re-read it […]
  • Day 8 – IRONMAN Training
    Today was brutal. I’m writing this at 7:48pm. I went to work and did my thing. I also have an exam tomorrow so I am re-reading all of the material again. I will soon have to cut out weightlifting in […]
  • Day 7 IRONMAN Training
    I woke up early and prepared for my run but it was raining so I gave up and hit the gym. It was a chill day but tomorrow I will be going hard. Weight lifting at the gym Did another […]
  • Day 6 – IRONMAN Training
    I went a little easier today to prevent injury . I may do the same tomorrow. Swam 2000 yards for 46 minutes Worked out for 10 minutes. Didn’t want to strain the shoulders Went for a short 5km bike ride […]
  • Day 5 – IRONMAN Training
    A chill day at work. My morning was busy but other than that, it was good. Here’s what I did.
  • Day 4 – IRONMAN Training
    Work was chill today, I left early since I worked my butt off yesterday (no lunch break). The heater is broken at my gym and I have been avoiding it but TODAY WAS THE DAY. I jumped into that pool […]
  • Day 3 – IRONMAN Training
    I got a new position at work and it keeps me very busy. I like that. Time flies but the problem is that I come home very tired. Even though I come home tired, I still commit to the Ironman […]
  • Day 2 – IRONMAN Training
    I will keep it short again. Work is busy as usual. Ate around 10 eggs, 4 hamburgers (just the meat), and three protein shakes Cycled for 1 hour for 29km on zwift Ran 5km Hit the gym for 1 hour […]
    It’s almost midnight so I will type in what I did today. cycled on zwift for 1 hour lifted weights for 1 hour ran for 4km started the keto diet (6 eggs, lots of bacon, 3 protein shakes, chicken salad, […]
  • New Schedule before my IRONMAN
    I think it is important to make a schedule and make plans or things will fail. It helps you stay focused and become disciplined. I have now completed my heaviest semester ever. I am now ready to continue studying and […]