Day 9 -IRONMAN Training

What a day. For the majority of the day, I worked and continued wiping hard drives for computers we are disposing of. I enjoy writing but i need time to think when I write. I also need to re-read it to make sure it makes sense.

I really like writing but I’m not good at it. I’d like to get better at it and I think even writing on this blog will help me. The exam was 15 multiple choice questions and 1 essay question. The essay question took over 1 hour of my time. I wrote a lot but it got to the point that when I re-read it, I was too cross eyed to Make any sense of it. So far the multiple choice portion, I got 11/15.

After that test, I forced myself to the gym. Although it was only 30 minutes, I did some stretches and some shoulder exercises.

  • Worked hard
  • Studied hard
  • Took sociology of sexuality exam
  • Went to the gym for 30 minutes
  • Had a lettuce wrapped cheese burger at five guys

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