Day 14 – IRONMAN Training

Today was insane. I decided to try running 42km. I managed to do 22km until my back was getting a bit sore. To ensure I would not get injured and make the pain worse, I stopped and walked back home. I was pretty far away but I hit a huge milestone today

Walking towards the escarpment

As I began the walk began, I started getting intense soreness/pain all over my legs, especially my calves. I felt my legs giving out and if I stopped, it would be game over. I kept going. I passed by a park (gage park) and some cars were waiting for me to cross the road to go into the park. I ran to cross the road and not let cars pile up. After that, my legs decided to get super sore and the abdominal pain was unreal. I tried sitting, stretching, and I even stopped walking but the pain would not go away. The pain went up another notch.

Some graffiti views walking back home

I told my sister and it has to do with long distance running and nutrition. Without the proper nutrition and not being used to this, it’ll be a bad time. Luckily I am doing all of this before race day and to begin adapting. I need to choose what I drink and make sure it does not upset my stomach or cause intense cramping. I also need to do more 20km+ run. Lots. I’m excited. I also need stretch a whole lot more.

Going up the escarpment. I took the stairs up.

Although the pain was almost unbearable, this happened to me when I did my first 50km bike ride, I remember my legs being in similar pain and I had to wait for it to go away. it’s happened again and I’m excited for this pain. It’s a stepping stone that I’m seeing new territory and there’s more to come. On a side note, although I’m on keto I read up and I may need to go on carbs to race since it looks like the pros do carbs and no one is on keto.

I also got a massive sunburn.

  • Ran 22km in 2 hours and 19 minutes including getting a drink, and walking towards the end. Not bad at all.
  • Walked home (8km)
  • Ate chicken salad
  • Started searching on carbs vs keto diet

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