DAY 95 – The Last Day Before my Ironman

I stayed at Gatineau before heading to Mont Tremblant.

After being hit by a car and seeing how short life is, I decided to step it up by going harder at school( to graduate faster), better myself overall (always), look at a possible career change, and do more things I’ve always wanted to do and actually do it. I’ve always wanted to do triathlons for over a decade and on November, I decided to register to Mont Tremblant Quebec’s IRONMAN.

Riding Gatineau’s lovely bike friendly infrastructure before heading to Mont Tremblant

As you probably know, I have blogged about some of my days. You’ve probably noticed school and work take a large chunk of my life. Am I going to do well in this race? Am I going to meet the cut off time for the swim? Am I going finish this? I’ve been so busy with work and school I haven’t had time to train as much as I should but I believe it’s enough to get by. I won’t get what I want (10 hours was the goal) but I can work towards it and be able to have a measurement on how I can get there.

Replaced the handlebar since it was corroding from all on indoor training sweat sessions. Replaced the hoods and got it inspected before the race. Added new rear tyres as well.

The swimming scares me. I don’t know how i will perform to be honest but I improved drastically on that and just hope to make the cut off time. My main goal is to not get a DNF on the swim. The pressure is on. On to the good news. I swam the lake to get a feel of it and did 800 metres in 17 minutes. I’m scared. I’m excited. Im getting anxiety from this. There’s stress. I have so many emotions going into this race, it’s insane. It’s what makes me feel alive and love life. The adrenaline will be crazy tomorrow.

Arriving at Mont Tremblant. I didn’t know Canada was this beautiful. This place is only 6 hours away and I fell in love.

Right now I’m just writing about what is going through my mind. I didn’t do any training today. I ate nachos with chicken, a croissant, two protein shakes. I’m scared.

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