Day 63 – IRONMAN Training (open water Progress)

Lake Ontario being clear and calm (without e-coli)

I went home and wanted to go straight to the beach but I felt very tired. I went home and passed out. After that, I woke up and watched open water swimming videos. Those videos helped me immensely today. I was less tired during the swim. I improved on my breathing, stroke, and most importantly, my form. I looked down at the water while I swam and it felt more natural. Less kicks were used since my hips were moving and my lats were used more.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s swim. I did notice that I swam a lot and my Garmin watch did not record my whole session properly. I felt like I swam a lot more but since it sees it as a pool workout it didn’t fully record the workout.

  • Setup a computer for a department
  • Updated and tested a modem for my next mass software deployment
  • Will be working on updating 6 computers tomorrow
  • Will look at a proper wetsuit tomorrow
  • Potentially buy a Garmin Felix 6 or 7
  • Submitted my statistics lab
  • Watched statistics video
Me after my open water session. 47 minutes. It got dark so I left

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