Castelli Free Sanremo Tri Suit Review – THE BEST TRI SUIT I OWN

The most well rounded triathlon suit

My second pair that I purchased three years later for my Ironman
This is an old video but if you don’t like reading, watch my review

This review should have been blogged in 2020 when I made my first incredibly cringey Youtube video showing off the the castelli sanremo tri suit (starts at 3:23 if you dare to watch). I got it super cheap at the time and it was my first time exploring with cycling fashion and triathlon gear. This triathlon suit is what made me love skin suits. You just put it on and you’re off to train and/or race. I have had this same kit for 3 years and it’s still functioning. I use it heavily.

Wearing it on a training ride.
Since it’s sleeveless, I will sometimes wear a jersey over it when it is cool outside.

This trisuit has survived several sprint triathlons, olympic triathlons, and of course the the several swims I have done in Lake Ontario. If you are looking for a trisuit, this is the one. I’ve taken this on several of my bikes rides and I cannot find a flaw in this racing/training bib. Additionally, it is well priced to train and race in. This triathlon suit is versatile and can also be used just for cycling. I loved this triathlon suit so much that I purchased another one and used it for the ironman race. I also brought it to Colombia to do the most difficult rides of my life (to date).

I brought my trisuit to Colombia when I rode over 120km and climbed over 3300 ft while descending like a madman
I used it for racing short and long distance triathlons

For my body type, this is my forever triathlon suit. I am looking at buying Santini x IRONMAN but I am reluctant since this is perfect for my physique however as a reviewer, I need to see what else is out there. I’m going to keep this review short, here’s the pros and cons. If you’re looking at racing, this is the bib I recommend.

Back shot while I completed an Olympic distance triathlon. Looking at this picture, I noticed my running position is very bad. I need a running coach.


  • Priced well and goes cheaper when on sale
  • big pockets to store your phone and nutrition for training days
  • The zipper and upper jersey portion’s material is very light and easy to put on. It feels like a separate jersey
  • The leg portion of the bib is tight but not too tight. The material is stiffer but it works
  • Can be used for short and long distance triathlons
  • I used this for an IRONMAN
  • Used for my daily training rides and normal bike rides
  • Perfect chamois to run, cycle, and swim with


  • Bad design. It doesn’t look great but it does what it was created to do, race/train with comfortability. I might reach out to castelli and create my own (and possibly sell)


If you’ve been searching and don’t want to know where to start, I’d go this route. I always suggest sending the company an email on what they suggest for fit since our body types are all different. You can get this thing for less than 200 bucks when it goes on sale too. I just wish they looked cool.

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