New Schedule before my IRONMAN

I think it is important to make a schedule and make plans or things will fail. It helps you stay focused and become disciplined. I have now completed my heaviest semester ever. I am now ready to continue studying and start focusing on my upcoming Ironman. As someone who likes to waste time on Instagram (sadly), I am publicly stating that I will not use it and will focus on studying and training at a higher level of discipline.

I have deleted Instagram. I feel like it is such a waste of time yet I go back to it. To be fair, I had to create it for a class assignment in 2020 and it increased traffic to my website. It is time to remove it and move forward. As of today, it is gone. I may go back but hire someone to manage it.

On a side note, I saw this thing called HARD75. I looked into it but it seems like I am already doing all of this already except for the diet portion. I really have to go back to keto. Carbs are destroying my stomach and I have gone back up to 165lb. I have started a lifestyle change today. I also plan to read more. I already have to read tons of scholarly material for my courses and although I find them difficult to read, I find them very interesting once I am able to grasp them.

The plan

The following requirements need to be met before August 21st 2022:

I need to run 42km with ease

I need to cycle 180km with ease

I need to swim 3.8km with ease

Complete SOCIOL 3U03 –Sociology of Sexualities

Complete SOCIOL 3NN3 – Popular Culture and Inequality

Complete CCNA by June 11th

Complete CISSP by July 11th

Apply to Honours Sociology Specialist Option BA in order to pursue law school or potentially a Master’s in Social Psychology.

Go back to the keto diet (started today)

Continue looking at homes to buy as a rental (they are finally becoming affordable)

Go back to NYC/Ottawa on May/June

cycling clothing brand (postponed)

I think this list is long enough. I will also do a write up of the courses I took and update my past blog post on what I completed. For now, this looks like a good list to keep me busy.

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