Day 50 – IRONMAN Training (sort of)

These past couple of days I’ve been extremely busy with assignments. The classes I’m in are accelerated and end in 5-6 weeks. It is flying and it’s scary on the amount of information I’m taking in. I have to submit and read through chapters and eventually complete the scholarly books.

I’ve been so busy reading I’ve taken tomorrow off to work all day on my assignments. Depending on how much I complete, I might have to take Friday off as well. All of my vacation time has gone to school. This is the sacrifice I am making to do better for my future.

I am writing a paper in what popular culture is. I have to define culture and define popular. There’s multiple ways to define both of the words and when you combine them and apply your sociological lens, it becomes complex.

So far the best definition of culture is the way we use it in practice such as Christmas and other religious celebrations. This is called life culture. The other way it is defined is through arts such as ballet, poets, fine art, etc. You put those two terms together and it’s culture.

You then define popular which has several different definitions and then apply it to culture. You then add sociological frameworks such as Marxism, high culture, folk culture, inequality, gender, race, and it becomes super complex.

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