Day 66 – IRONMAN Training (34 km run)

After the run

We have had heat warnings all week. It’s gets up to 40 Degrees Celsius in southern Ontario. My Ironman is getting closer so I decided to see if I could do 42km in this insanely hot weather. I lasted 34km before running out of liquid. I just needed 8 more km and it would have been a full marathon but I called it quits. I am proud of myself. I just cramped once, stopped and walked when my body told me to, and it was an overall good run.

My groin cramped up so I stretched, sat, and chilled before I went any further.

Towards the end I was dead and walked a couple of miles but I accomplished a lot and I’m proud of myself. I kept the watch on even when going in to multiple convenient stores to stock up on Gatorade and to keep it as a competitive training exercise. 34km was completed in 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The first hour was brutal, the second hour was great, the 3rd hour got crampy. My diet has improved since I went further. This is how tired I am during the heat wave.

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