sociology Triathlon

Day 19 – IRONMAN Training

Today was interesting, a lot of projects were announced and sounded interesting but I am starting to feel that I won’t be as involved. I’ve been thinking about asking for time to study for the CCNA to obtain new skills and be more involved and have a better understanding. Although I’m in a new position, I still feel like nothing has changed and it’s hindering my ability to move up or grow my knowledge. I’ve done deployments in the past and I’m back to doing deployments but it does not feel different. I need change.

On another note, I have a paper to write and it will be based on heteronormativity hindering women in sports whether hetero or non-hetero. I will be basing it off women in bodybuilding, women being labelled lesbians in various sports, and other social constructed essential approaches that still affect women in sports.

  • Workout at the gym with a focus on stretching
  • Bike ride for 30 minutes through the trails
  • Worked my butt off
  • Read some scholarly material

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