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My Fully Built Scott Plasma Premium 3

What do you think? (don’t worry, i will add CONTI 5000’s soon)

There you have it, folks. I was finally able to save up enough money to afford the wheelset (more info on the bike specs). I now have a triathlon bike so powerful that I am unable to show the bike’s true potential due me holding it back. I am now the problem. That’s ok though. I am excited to train hard and become one with the bike. I will eventually be on par with the bike. I will ride this baby every day and be able to fully benefit from this bike. I know I will.

closeup from the back (SHE IS THICC)

I purchased the Hunt 62 Carbon Aero Wheelset. I got my local bike shop to order the wheels and set them up on my new bike. Once they received it and installed it, I took it on a ride that same day. I felt so fast, so pro, and the bike screamed for more speed as I accelerated. The next day, there were 90km winds. I took it out and felt the wind hitting my wheels, it didn’t matter, I WAS IN LOVE.

closeup from the front (SHE STILL THICCC)

I now last longer when riding on the tri bars but still feel fatigued. This could be from my inexperience being in such an aggressive position or my fitting needing to be tweaked. Once I hit the flat roads, the bike becomes faster. It feels easier to stay at a faster speed on flat roads. I can’t explain it but it is very noticeable compared to my Scott foil. This is when I’m in the tri bar position. It feels amazing being at those speeds. The bike is also very stiff. I feel everything on the road.

This build cost a lot. The current super bikes cost more and the ones around this price, I didn’t like the look and/or the build. I would rather ride something I like with what I want. It makes me want to ride more and that is what is important to me, ride what I like.

Specs + Price

  • 11 SPD, Di2 Electronic Groupset (with durace brakes) – $3400.00
  • Zipp Vulk Aluminum handlebar, tape, tri bars, tyres, tube, shimano 105 pedals, build cost, fitting, ISM 3.1 seat – $800.00
  • Scott Plasma Premium Frame – 2395.00 (on sale)
  • Hunt 62 deep wheelset – $1900.00
  • Total = 8495.00 CAD

I write this and now want to go out for another ride today. Comment and tell me what you think! As much as I wanted the $12,000.00 + trek speed concept I’m happy with my purchase and see myself having this forever.

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Hello Adolfo! Thank you for visiting my website and liking my bicycle. This is an old frame. I believe it is around 11 years old now. The goal was to save money but I went overboard with the build. I’ve always enjoyed the looks of the older Scott plasma frames so I decided to buy it as a “trainer” bike. Here is some history of the frame itself.

Happy Riding!

Your right, i think it is from 2012/2014 frame, searching information. Thanks for your reply! Happy and more kilometers rides!

Nice bike, I did something similar building and refining one of these. Despite being an ‘older’ frame, it builds up sweetly and holds its own against some of the exotic Tri bikes out there.
Well done 👍🏽

Dean, do you have the specs for yours? Would you be willing to take pictures and write about it? I can put it up on my site if you want to show it off. I enjoy looking at other people’s pride and joy and seeing the build. Are you still racing with it? There’s something about the old plasma frames that I really like. I love the bike so far. It just feels so fast on flat roads. I don’t know how modern bikes feel but I love this feeling the plasma provides

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