Day 31 – IRONMAN Training

As I lay in bed typing this out, I feel light as ever. I haven’t lost weight, I finished my sociology of sexuality class and finishing a class makes me feel really good. I wrote my final exam today and felt good about it. The professor was super cool and I learned so much. I’m excited for my next class and future classes.

A bakery I visited in Dundas.

I then decided to try and run after the exam. I cramped at 3km. All because I decided to drink water and head out. A terrible mistake I will never do again.

I was also thinking of driving to Gatineau Quebec this weekend to take on Champlain Lookout but I forgot it’s Father’s Day. I will be making a YouTube video this weekend on a ride. I will attempt a ride to Niagara Falls, ride in the country towards Lake Huron, or possibly driving to buffalo and take my bike and cycle Buffalo. I believe I have one week to train extra hard before my summer class starts. I feel so good today.

  • Ran 3km before cramping and calling for a ride home
  • Finished my final exam for my sociology of sexuality class
  • Worked my butt off at work

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