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Adidas X-CITY REFLECT AT NIGHT 1/2 ZIP TOP – A step up or step down?

I am not mad, I am just disappointed I don’t know what to say about this. I’ve been purchasing adidas tech wear for YEARS. This is the first base layer/long sleeve that I just can’t love. It’s partly because I don’t like the feel and overall look. Adidas’ X-city line has recently made me excited […]

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Who and what is it meant for? As I signed up for my first 100-mile ultramarathon in August 2023, my trainer told me to try several shoes. First, to not get used to just one shoe. Second, to see what might be better when I am running. As someone who is also always purchasing new […]

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Kit and Ace – Decently Priced TechWear you can wear on any occasion

In with modernity, out with traditional approaches Throughout the years, I have refined my style and I’d like to say I do well. Most of my jobs have been somewhat professional and when working in those types of jobs, they usually require at least a nice pair of khakis/dress pants accompanied with a dress shirt […]

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Quitting Energy Drinks, Getting back on Keto, Registered to my first IronMan, Bidding on Real Estate, Working on my Lifestyle Brand, taking risks, overcoming my fears – my year end reflection

Last year, I quit caffeine (energy drinks more specifically) and it was fantastic. I saved a boatload of money and I did not have to rely on those deliciously evil drinks before my workouts. I started drinking them again this year and I believe it is time to cut back again. I do not want […]

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I bought a very expensive jacket that was not Canada Goose – F/CE x NANGA Japan

I wake up on December 26th and debate on whether to go out or not. This day is Canada’s Black Friday. There are over 10,000 cases on the Omicron variant happening in Ontario. Scary times. Late in the afternoon, I decide to mask up and go. For the past couple of years, I head down […]