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My current daily driver. The left shoe is zipped up. The right side is unzipped but “laced” using Salomon’s quicklace tech.

Who and what is it meant for?

The fit plus the shoe. Tallah hat, Salomon x PNS shoes, ASVR joggers, nike running jacket.

As I signed up for my first 100-mile ultramarathon in August 2023, my trainer told me to try several shoes. First, to not get used to just one shoe. Second, to see what might be better when I am running. As someone who is also always purchasing new shoes, I was excited to blow more money on my ever-growing shoe addiction. I began looking at running shoes but I didn’t know what to look for, especially for ultra-endurance running. Going to specialized runner stores was also difficult since every time I asked questions, the salespeople could not provide an answer. Is ultra racing really that different than marathons? I then went online, weaponized myself with some information, made some spontaneous purchases, and decided to be my test monkey. This shoe was one of the first purchases I made. This was also my favorite shoe. It was the one. Although it’s not meant for running as stated on PNS’s site, I fell in love with these shoes and have shifted towards a new taste in shoes.

The quick lace system

Looking at PNS’ site, the shoe is meant for hiking, trekking, bike rides, and city exploration (walking). I’ve used it for my trail runs, bike rides, trail hikes, work shoes, daily gym sessions, and daily usage when going out. I believe this shoes is meant for someone looking for something with style but with the functionality for outdoor activity and urban exploration.


Why did I get this shoe?

The Cost
Worn to the gym unzipped. Tank top, nike advanced running shorts (will review soon).

This shoe is expensive and there is one large factor on why I purchased it. The cost. I purchased this for $189.00 Canadian. The shoe retails for 350.00 + tax in Canadian dollars. This shoe is very expensive but that sale price is what drove me to purchase it. To see if it was worth pursuing another one in the future. It was worth it.

The Silhouette and modernized look
Worn with adidas x universal works, Uniqlo thermal pants, Italian sweater.

The silhouette of this shoe is sleek, slim, and modern. This is the most slim-cut boot-style shoe I have ever seen. It’s a modernized boot that appealed to me. A city boot that can look cool without the bulk while providing functionality to the outdoors if need be. Normally, I stay away from boots because of the bulkiness they have. They usually feel heavy and it takes a while for them to become comfortable (leather boots to be specific). I like my clothes and shoes to look fit, slim, stylish, sleek, aero, elegant, and aggressive. I want the shoe to match my lifestyle and be ready to take on anything physical on the spot. I want protection with style. I also purchased this boot because of my newfound taste in zipper boots, specifically my replacement shoe for my Adidas Terrex Hiker x Human Made boots. I will review that in the next coming days along with my Merrell Agility Peak 5 Zero GORE-TEX® 1TRL.

the technical aspects
Leather jacket, Italian sweater, Arc’teryx x Veilance pants

There’s a ton of cool tech thrown into this shoe. Zippering up the shoes provides some water repellent for wet conditions. There’s also a carbon plate but I haven’t noticed much from it. The zipper is also very sturdy and easy to zip up. Inside the shoe, there is a quick lock and lace mechanism that provides extra support for the shoe to stay on your feet (I’m not a fan of traditional shoe lacing). You can also wear these unzipped with that feature. I have sprained my ankle from soccer, this shoe mitigates the chances of me rolling my foot from the ankle support it provides. That is a major plus for me. There’s also some padding on the ankle. I’m not sure if it’s for ankle support or looks but I’ll take it. I freaking love this shoe.

the colour and pleasing look
Wearing them during my Buffalo NY trip with my rag n’ bone pants, leather jacket, Italian sweater, and adidas x-city base layer

Functionality overall is awesome but looks also play a major role in why love this shoe. I love the earthly-toned color. Looking at other Salomon Alpine XA trail shoes, this is the best colorway. It works with several of my fits. I wear it to work in my dress fits. It works with my workout clothes unzipped when I’m lifting weights. I wear this on my weekend getaways. I took this to a metal concert in Buffalo. I also explored with them downtown Buffalo the next day. I wish I purchased two of these since I know I will run these to the ground.

  • Fantastic color compared to the other Salomon versions
  • Water repellent
  • Ankle support with padding
  • Versatile (hiking, biking, urban exploration, trekking, casual wear)
  • Zipper Style Boot
  • Internalized Salomon Quick Lacing system
  • Can be worn unzipped
  • Lightweight
  • Slim, sleek, stylish, aggressive looking
  • Minimal in branding
  • unique siloutte
  • Expensive (get it on sale if you can)
  • Feet get very hot when zipped up (heated up very quickly in the summer)
  • No longer as tight as it once was (only had for a couple of months)
Would i get it again? final thoughts (9/10)

The shoe has become loose from the several miles I’ve put on it. It also gets very warm when it’s zipped up (during the summer) but other than that, the shoe is fantastic. I have worn the crap out of these for the past couple of months and I’ve been looking at purchasing another pair. They are sold out everywhere in my size. I hope PNS and Salomon do another collab because the colorway they released is stunning. This shoe is what I have been wearing for the majority of 2023 and I will continue wearing them into 2024. This style of shoe is what I now look for and if another one gets released this year, I will purchase it. I am not made of money so I will have to wait for these to go on sale. If you’re like me, an active individual who likes style, technical apparel, slim, lightweight, sleek, and things within modern designs that you never see in the wild, then this is the shoe to get. I originally thought the adidas terrex hiker was the best technical boot I have ever worn but this is a top contender. What do you think?

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