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Adidas X-CITY REFLECT AT NIGHT 1/2 ZIP TOP – A step up or step down?

I am not mad, I am just disappointed

I don’t know what to say about this. I’ve been purchasing adidas tech wear for YEARS. This is the first base layer/long sleeve that I just can’t love. It’s partly because I don’t like the feel and overall look. Adidas’ X-city line has recently made me excited but this piece from their collection let me down, a lot.

The Tech, it has it all

It’s got visibility when running at night, it has a side pocket for gels , it has brevits as a new form of tech, but I just don’t feel this at all. I’ve taken it on runs and I just don’t like it. I do not like the feel of the material and the overall fit is too lose for me to enjoy. It feels boxy. I like my workout wear tight. It just stays in my closet collecting dust. The last time I wore it, I crashed on my bike and lost a lot of skin and a lot of that shirt. If I could go back in time, I’d prefer getting another one of their merino base layers.

The cool pocket
How it looks reversed


  • Innovative tech material
  • Zipper for cooler rides
  • Gel pocket for running
  • Visibility material for night running


  • The material doesn’t t feel great compared to the last version
  • The fit isn’t as tight as the last version
  • The design could have been much better, it looks to bland and generic


In contrast to all of what I said, it’s good to see adidas always trying different things to always be innovative. It can be a huge success or a huge failure. Going outside of the box makes me happy that they’re looking at different approaches to always give new tech to us. I just can’t love this piece, it has thing I just don’t like but others may love. Maybe next time.

The overall look.

Just in case you wanted to see, the image below is the adidas merino base layer I got which I preferred. It really shows my love handles which pushes me to workout harder and stop eating many big Mac’s.

Old pictures, just blogging 🙂

To give a bit of perspective, I compared it to the previous x-city base layer that had a better feeling material, better compression, and a cooler slim design.

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