It’s almost midnight so I will type in what I did today. cycled on zwift for 1 hour lifted weights for 1 hour ran for 4km started the keto diet (6 eggs, lots of bacon, 3 protein shakes, chicken salad, drank water) read one chapter on essentialism and social constructionism for my sexuality class contacted […]

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Quitting Energy Drinks, Getting back on Keto, Registered to my first IronMan, Bidding on Real Estate, Working on my Lifestyle Brand, taking risks, overcoming my fears – my year end reflection

Last year, I quit caffeine (energy drinks more specifically) and it was fantastic. I saved a boatload of money and I did not have to rely on those deliciously evil drinks before my workouts. I started drinking them again this year and I believe it is time to cut back again. I do not want […]