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Quitting Energy Drinks, Getting back on Keto, Registered to my first IronMan, Bidding on Real Estate, Working on my Lifestyle Brand, taking risks, overcoming my fears – my year end reflection

My brand in the making

Last year, I quit caffeine (energy drinks more specifically) and it was fantastic. I saved a boatload of money and I did not have to rely on those deliciously evil drinks before my workouts. I started drinking them again this year and I believe it is time to cut back again. I do not want to become dependent on it since I have been going overboard with it. I have also been eating a boatload of carbs and I have not been keto for the past month too. I have been a bad Jay. It was nice to let loose but it is now time to get serious again. I write this on January 31st 2021, the last day of cheating.

One of the few rides I did this year after the cycling accident

I hope to start keto tomorrow! I have also signed up for an Ironman in August; I would like to be in the best shape of my life and would like to place high and eventually win one. It is time for commitment and pushing my limits even further. This year I have increased my workouts, fixed up my diet, ran more, swam more, invested more, began working on my clothing brand, completed more school, increased my salary, traveled to NYC, traveled to Gatineau/Ottawa, and just overall killed it. I have improved so much in everything this year that I am going to keep pushing myself and keep improving. I have taken many more risks this year. Life is short and I am going to make the most out of it. Has the near death cycling accident made me a riskier person? I strongly believe so.

In bed healing for many weeks after my cycling accident

This year I even bid on some homes as an investment! For years, I kept saying I would do it but I have been afraid of the commitment. I do not like the idea of being chained to a home. I would like to be able to just leave somewhere without a care in the world (When I decide to leave Hamilton Ontario). I am looking at it all differently now. I finally signed with my realtor and we have looked at multiple homes and just bid on them. I have been outbid multiple times due to this crazy market but that is ok. The plan is just to rent it out and not live in it while I look for other business ventures and look at other areas I would like to live in. Ottawa, Montreal, NYC, and Spain are my choices.

Solo trip to NYC

Another goal of mine was to start my own clothing brand. I have wanted to do this for years. I never did this because I was afraid of failure and every time I thought about it, I would just think of the negative things that would get in my way. I was already thinking of the problems and failures without even trying! I saw a video on this on YouTube and it is one of the reasons why people never start the things they want to do. I changed that mentality this year. My mind is being blown in so many ways this year; I am shocking myself on so many levels that I have never been so amazed at myself. I cannot wait for next year. Hell, I cannot wait on what I will do in the next couple of days. Life is what you make it. Lets’ do this.

Solo cycling trip to Ottawa/Gatineau

Although I’m not a fan of starting things after New Years, I’m doing it. If you want change, don’t wait. Start now. According to the article from Forbes, 80% of people stop their goals after January. I’m constantly starting and growing. Times and dates are human made, start now. Every time I’ve wanted change, I focus and begin the process. There is no need for a New Years resolution.

Attended word cup qualifying games with my dad who has never been to a game in his life. He never dreamed he would do this.

A recap of what I did/accomplish in 2021:

  • Continued making cycling videos
  • Continued updating my website
  • Completed 6 Mcmaster University classes
  • Worked two IT positions during covid
  • Worked on one of the largest IT projects in my career (complex deployment)
  • Was hit by a vehicle while cycling
  • Created a business plan and hired a designer to work on my lifestyle brand
  • Learned to cook one of my mom’s recipes (pupusas)
  • bid on homes to become a landlord. Outbid but still bidding and not giving up.
  • Went from 175lb to 148lb while on the keto diet while training hard!
  • Trained very hard (swim, run, cycle)
  • Learned self defence (mma)
  • Drove to NYC and did a solo trip
  • Bought supreme and yeezy’s to try and resell, sold one item so far
  • Did another Solo trip to Gatineau/Ottawa to cycle and begin to see if I want to live there
  • bought an additional 32 inch curved monitor for my setup (dual station)
  • Bought a new winter jacket
  • Bought new shoes (5 pairs)
  • Attended two world up qualifying games with my dad
  • Registered an Mont Tremblant IronMan
  • Improved myself and took more risks
  • My Goal was to make $1.00 off of my website through ads. I did $3.00. The next goal is to make $100.00 by the end of 2023.
  • Continued being proud of myself

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