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My Year End Reflection for 2023

OWNING UP & MY SUCCESSES I have wanted to write on this blog for the past couple of months but every time I think about doing it, many other things happen. Enough excuses, I am about to blog about what has been happening in my life and what’s been on my mind. I will talk […]


New Goals I Must Accomplish in September

What happened? In my previous post, I talked about several accomplishments I have been working on. Most importantly, my Sociology degree from McMaster University. This piece of paper has allowed me to gain new perspectives and ignite a new fire in my eyes to do something meaningful and fulfilling. For the past several years, I […]

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I Am Officially A McMaster University Graduate – Now What?

This degree took me 7 years to complete It is never too late to start something, especially returning to school. If you want it, go for it. Put in the time and you’ll get it. Age does not matter. Other people’s opinions do not matter. Do what you want to do and believe in yourself. […]

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April Update – My Chaotic Life

University is heavy (but doable) As I approach the last 2-3 weeks of the school year, my workload is currently huge but I’m surviving. I am managing but I am definitely feeling it. I took 5 courses for a reason. To graduate faster, better my time management, prepare myself for professional school, and to take […]

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Weight loss, assignments, and a sneak peak to my next review!

Working hard Monday’s are my worst days. I have to get up at at 5am, go to work at 6am, finish work at 2pm, and then head to the university to attend 3 mandatory classes. I went to the university this weekend to work on assignments and study. Most of my weekends have been like […]