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I bought a very expensive jacket that was not Canada Goose – F/CE x NANGA Japan

This is a size Small
Isn’t she pretty? This is size small.

I wake up on December 26th and debate on whether to go out or not. This day is Canada’s Black Friday. There are over 10,000 cases on the Omicron variant happening in Ontario. Scary times. Late in the afternoon, I decide to mask up and go. For the past couple of years, I head down to Toronto and snag the items that I have wanted all year and get them at a fraction of the cost on Boxing Day. This year was a little different. As I walked through the lonely streets of Toronto, I see countless stores closed and a city that was once vibrant, a ghost town. I go to my usual stores. Closed. All Closed. It looks like I should have stayed home.


I feel like an astronaut.

I walk around masked up and decide to pick up Krispy Kreme donuts for my mom and sister before heading home. As I head back to my car with three dozen donuts, I see a store I used to go to all the time but have never made a purchase. A small boutique called, Uncle Otis. This place always has nice pieces of clothing from brands I have never heard of. They also have unique brands that I have heard of. If you are looking for some unique clothing with some nice attention to detail, this is the place to check out.


Pockets. Pockets everywhere.

As I look through the racks, I head to the jacket section and see the love of my life. I have wanted to buy a new winter jacket for a couple of years now but haven’t seen the right one. My John Varvatos X Converse jacket is more of a fashion jacket and because it is so big, I always feel cold in in it. The wind gets me from underneath (picture Marylyn Monroe’s blouse picture except me and my Varvatos jacket). The buttons have broken off, the zipper is a struggle to zip up, and it is incredibly big on me since I lost so much weight. I need a new jacket.


Side view of the hand warmer pockets, the big front pocket, and the back pocket.

I have been very interested in techwear and this jacket felt very tech to me. I also do not want to get Canada Goose since everyone has Canada Goose jackets. I put this beauty on and it was perfectly snug on my body yet very breathable.

The amount of pockets this jacket has made me think about all the possibilities. As someone who works in IT, I needs pockets for my usbs, cables, tools, and just stuff in general. Just for the heck of it, I bought two monster energy drinks and I was able to fit two cans in one front pocket.

Pros and features:

·         Water repellent

·         Made in Japan

·         Fire resistant

·         Hand warmer pockets

·         2 large pockets in the front

·         2 side pockets to slip your hands in

·         One back pocket (the cyclist in me loved this)

·         2 zipper pockets inside jacket

·         2 pouches on the inside of the jacket

·         Adjustable hood with a small adjustable front cap

·         760 Down Fill

·         1 zipper pocket on the arm (AMAZING)


·         Expensive (1150.00 plus tax) 

·         Side pockets could would have been nice if it had zippers

· Longevity in material, reliability, and the ability to handle -20 degree weather still needs to be tested.


So far, I love the jacket but I need to wear it more to see what I don’t like and what I really like. If you like pockets, want to feel like you’re wearing something like an astronaut, and want something that is unique, check this jacket out. I can’t say I recommend this jacket until I use it in harsher conditions but so far, it has easily handled -1 degree celsius.

Update December 2022: a user commented on my YouTube page and asked for an update. It has been 11 months with this jacket and I do not regret this purchase. I’m actually looking at getting another piece from this brand. I love the quality, look, feel, and it keeps me warm. Would I get it again? Yes. My small complaint is the the beautiful light color of the jacket gets dirty very quick however that is also my fault since I am a dirty/messy person. It’s not a good idea to give me white shoes since they’ll be brown in a day. They offer other Colors. Comment if you have questions or just want to chat!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2023: I put it on today and it was glorious. This jacket is still going strong. It still has that same snug and warm feel that I adore so much. Here is a picture of its.

I had one base layer underneath.

UPDATE 2024: I took this around December 2023

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