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April Update – My Chaotic Life

University is heavy (but doable) As I approach the last 2-3 weeks of the school year, my workload is currently huge but I’m surviving. I am managing but I am definitely feeling it. I took 5 courses for a reason. To graduate faster, better my time management, prepare myself for professional school, and to take […]

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My life as a full time university student and full time IT professional

In the past 4 months, I have completed 4 McMaster university courses while dealing with the increase in workload due to the pandemic rearing its ugly head in my workplace. I deployed a ton of WFH computers to the organization and did a little bit of overtime from the chaos. This was difficult. There were […]

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Quitting Energy Drinks, Getting back on Keto, Registered to my first IronMan, Bidding on Real Estate, Working on my Lifestyle Brand, taking risks, overcoming my fears – my year end reflection

Last year, I quit caffeine (energy drinks more specifically) and it was fantastic. I saved a boatload of money and I did not have to rely on those deliciously evil drinks before my workouts. I started drinking them again this year and I believe it is time to cut back again. I do not want […]


My Journey to completing my Sociology Degree for 2022

The following are the remaining courses I need to complete for my Bachelor’s in Sociology. Updated on July 2022 Status (excluding the 60 credits in Business Administration): SOCIOL 1Z03 – Completed Spring 2021 SOCSCI 1SS3 – Completed Spring 2022 SOCIOL 2KK3 – Completed Fall 2021 SOCIOL 2LL3 – Completed Winter 2022 (fantastic class) SOCIOL 2Z03 […]