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Kit and Ace – Decently Priced TechWear you can wear on any occasion

Trying on Kit and Ace. A Canadian company with fabric so nice, i went broke updating my wardrobe.

In with modernity, out with traditional approaches

I went to a house and took a picture of the basement. Here I am wearing kit and ace with a Fred Perry cardigan.
Heading from work to the University. The blazer is from Uniqlo but the rest is kit and ace

Throughout the years, I have refined my style and I’d like to say I do well. Most of my jobs have been somewhat professional and when working in those types of jobs, they usually require at least a nice pair of khakis/dress pants accompanied with a dress shirt or polo (in IT you can get away with a lot though). For me, I like to look presentable even if I get dirty, it’s just the way I am. In the past and still in this current time, I have focused on dress pants and either a polo or a button up. I usually add a cardigan, vest, or blazer to the mix to give myself versatility and style by layering the various pieces.

My frustration is that I’ve spent good money on great looking classic/traditional pants from designer brands but the material usually does not provide what techwear offers. There’s no two way stretch, four way stretch, the cuts are not unique, and they give a traditional style that works but is uncomfortable to an active individual like myself. An example is the Hugo Boss outfits I have. The pants are great, the button ups are great, I’ve used them for years but they’re not comfortable and they’re somewhat dull. I’d rather have new fabrics that give stretch, have slimmer cuts, and provide modernity by protecting me from rain, wind, snow, chafing, etc. I am always looking at new emerging brands and styles too. There’s that too but techwear’s material is what sucks me in.

Do I recommend the brand? It’s too early to say but what I can tell you is that everything feels nice so far and I’m loving it. I’m not sure about the durability yet since it’s been less than a year. Do I look professional and do I get compliments from the fits? Yes. Do I feel comfortable and professional? Yes. My only concern is durability on how long it’ll last. I will post some professional images soon. For now. Enjoy the pictures and tell me if you own something from this brand.

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