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Weight loss, assignments, and a sneak peak to my next review!

Working hard

Slowing losing the fat!

Monday’s are my worst days. I have to get up at at 5am, go to work at 6am, finish work at 2pm, and then head to the university to attend 3 mandatory classes. I went to the university this weekend to work on assignments and study. Most of my weekends have been like that. School is almost done and I’m excited to graduate. The goal is still law school but I will be applying to new jobs since I’m free from school. I’ve been updating my resume to prepare.

Keto and less fatigue

Waist size shrinking, chest becoming defined

Although my schedule is hectic, I’m still managing to hit the gym. I’ve also been doing keto and I’m on my third week absolutely crushing it. I dropped pants size, my clothes is starting to fit again and most importantly, I feel healthy. My stamina has increased as well. My swimming has increased in distance and I am less fatigue after 500 metres of swimming . My workouts are much more explosive. My runs… let’s not talk about that. I haven’t started but I think tomorrow I will run 15km. I am now doing 1000 metre swims in 17-20 minutes. Today, I did 1200 metres in 22 minutes. I am now able to see lots of muscular definition and I’m just so darn proud of myself.

Kit and Ace + Veilance Techwear

Down to 169lbs. the goal is 140lbs

I’ve been rocking new clothes for work and I’m putting it to use. I bought work clothes since my previous clothes was not looking to my standard. I like to look good and these outfits feel amazing with my physique. I’ve seen some flaws in the gear I’ve purchased but I’m still loving them. Here is a sneak peak of the gear.

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