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April Update – My Chaotic Life

University is heavy (but doable)

As I approach the last 2-3 weeks of the school year, my workload is currently huge but I’m surviving. I am managing but I am definitely feeling it. I took 5 courses for a reason. To graduate faster, better my time management, prepare myself for professional school, and to take on additional intellectual challenges while I work full time and continue my Ironman training.

Work is work

Riding my bike to release the stress

There is a massive work project that is constantly on my mind. I am excited for it but it has many unknowns causing many challenges along the way. I have been working on it heavily and think about it more than my classes. I finally see some light but there’s still more to go from the massive ripple effect it will do to the infrastructure. I am seeing what I am capable of and am looking at leaving my workplace, especially since I am close to graduating. 2023 will be the year I will leave for better opportunities. For myself, my future, my family, and to grow as an individual. This has to be done, especially for myself.

Ironman Training

After the around the bay run, my body was completely destroyed from not training enough. I am back at the gym hitting the weight, running, cycling, swimming, and potentially going back to MMA fighting once I finish school. My training is getting more intense, my weight is lower, and I’m going to be in top shape this summer. I usually am though. Stay tuned.

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