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I Am Officially A McMaster University Graduate – Now What?

I believe this was my last class.

This degree took me 7 years to complete

The countless weekends that I spent glued to my computer learning new things. I feel much more aware of the world.

It is never too late to start something, especially returning to school. If you want it, go for it. Put in the time and you’ll get it. Age does not matter. Other people’s opinions do not matter. Do what you want to do and believe in yourself. Plan it, focus, obsess over it, and complete it. You will sacrifice your weekends for this. Your social life will be decimated but the education you receive will change your perspective on how to see the world. New opportunities will develop from your newfound knowledge, your eyes will open up. You’re doing it for a better you. Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it. Trust yourself, make goals, get help if needed, and do whatever it takes. It will happen. Starting is the first step. Continuation is the second step. As someone who has failed a lot in school, despised learning, had little support from teachers/others, and was never the brightest, what drove me the most to keep going was to better myself and have a better future. Nowadays, you need higher education to move up the corporate ladder, but even then, this could only do so much. I originally wanted to do this to move up and eventually move up to an executive position. Another reason was to see if I could eventually become lawyer. This was my thought process at the time and still somewhat is.

Sociology, Car Accident, Denied in a management position, taking risks

I would finish work and head to class. After class, I would sometimes use McMaster’s gym to do a quick workout.

I have now worked in IT for almost 15 years and there are three recent and significant events that have made me question if I should continue working in IT (and the current organization I work for). I was hit by a car and I started to see how short life really was. That accident forced me to accelerate my schooling and several other outlooks in my life (learning MMA, doing an Ironman, working on my lifestyle brand, learning guitar, take more risks, and overall take on more by refining my time management). During that same time, COVID-19 was showing how unfair I was being treated in the workplace while several others reaped the benefits. I was one of the few employees still physically going to work, taking in as much work as possible while being the lowest-paid employee in my department. This was and still is demoralizing. While several others worked less, worked from home, made over 6 figures, I was out in the trenches not making 6 figures and just working like a fool while the top took the praise.

Still trying to make youtube videos while working on my website

During the same time, I applied to an acting managerial position and although my superiors knew about the education I was doing to move up the corporate ladder, I was denied the position because I did not have experience. How am I supposed to learn and grow without being given a chance? While all of this was happening, I was reading several scholarly materials and using the academic material to understand why this was happening to me and why life is unfair for the majority of us. You can work your butt off but still not make it. Isn’t this what we are taught at a young age? Work hard and you’ll get what you want (The American Dream)? Not everyone can be president, there can only be one.

I was studying so much, I would lie on my bed and just go through videos

Taking Sociology was an awakening for me to do better since I know I could do better but to keep in mind of the inequality being produced when looking for better opportunities. I was reading the scholarly material and enjoying it all and although the majority of it was grim and showed the vast amount of inequality being produced, I still had the fire in me to make a change. It only takes one person to make a difference. The acceleration in school and just soaking up all of this new information allowed me to see how much better I can do while helping those in need. I also began to realize I am providing no meaning in what I do and that needed to change. I plan on quitting my job soon and this thought alone scares me but I need to keep growing and taking risks to be the best person I can be.

The Road To Law School

the several days of the week where I leave from work straight to class.

This year I was in university as a full-time student (I took five courses) while also working full-time. During this hectic semester, I was working on a major million-dollar project (while doing my regular duties and other large projects), training for my future Ironman competitions, and working towards a half marathon. The number of assignments and scholarly readings I was taking in was immense. Management and my role in the company have also changed drastically as well. All of this was incredibly stressful. I have never felt so stressed in my life but I kept going and just kept thinking about how this would make me better in every way. I can now take on more with ease. I have completed my degree, completed several triathlons, traveled to Colombia to test my cycling and fitness levels, finished several work projects, completed 5 university courses, and I’m not even close to finishing what I want to complete.

The training never stops. Consistency is key

I have two months to study for the LSAT. I am that much closer to becoming a lawyer. Immigration law and possibly tech law are on my mind. These next three months are going to be very scary and exciting. I need to do well on the LSAT. Although I’m looking at law school, there is another job I am very interested in. I will give an update on what happens next. I will make a post on the goals I need to hit before September.

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