New Goals I Must Accomplish in September

What happened?

In my previous post, I talked about several accomplishments I have been working on. Most importantly, my Sociology degree from McMaster University. This piece of paper has allowed me to gain new perspectives and ignite a new fire in my eyes to do something meaningful and fulfilling. For the past several years, I was focused on school and had the mindset that once I acquired my degree, I would start looking for new opportunities. I’ve narrowed it down on what I want to do but there are still some questions that I need to ask myself. Since I have finished school, I have some free time available which will be dedicated to LSAT training, triathlon training, and further IT training. To continue to move further and get what I want I must do the following.

What I need to accomplish in September

  • Take the LSAT in the month of September
    • Try and blog every day on what I learned to show progression
    • Registered and paid for September, it is now set in stone [Completed]
    • Skimmed the LSAT site to see what else I must do
    • Will reach out for support to get the best results
  • Start working on law school admissions [Find out what schools to apply to]
    • Blog about this to show progression (daily blog not required)
  • Apply to jobs to prepare for change
  • Complete Muskoka Ironman 70.3
    • Train but focus on the LSAT

Let’s do this! See you tomorrow!

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