My Journey to completing my Sociology Degree for 2022

The following are the remaining courses I need to complete for my Bachelor’s in Sociology. Updated on July 2022

Status (excluding the 60 credits in Business Administration):

SOCIOL 1Z03 – Completed Spring 2021

SOCSCI 1SS3 – Completed Spring 2022

SOCIOL 2KK3 – Completed Fall 2021

SOCIOL 2LL3 – Completed Winter 2022 (fantastic class)

SOCIOL 2Z03 – Completed Winter 2022

SOCIOL 2FF3 – Completed Fall 2021

SOCIOL 2UU3 – Completed Winter 2022

SOCIOL 2GG3 – Completed Fall 2021

SOCIOL 3NN3 – Currently taking (summer 2022)

SOCIOL 3U03 – Completed Summer 2022

I have been working on my degree since 2015. At the time, I knew I would get one but I did not know how long it would take or what exactly I would be working towards. I’ve been told it can take 10 years, especially if you work full time. In order for me to move up in the corporate world, this piece of paper is required. If you know me, if I need it or want it, I will get it. Trust me. It will be 2022 in two days and I will be achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology by the end of the summer. It has been 7 years in the making. I believe this piece of paper has cost me over $50,000.00 in tuition alone.

This year, I thought I was taking on much more than I should have but after watching some self-help videos on YouTube, I decided to add more classes and see how much more I could do. You never know how much you can accomplish until you push your limits. I let go of the fear and enrolled into three classes instead of two classes (my sister gave me the push too). I adapted and I managed to complete the three classes. I have now added 4 classes for January’s semester. I also received an email that I was close to graduating. The feeling is immense.

It is astonishing how much you can complete goals if you are not screwing around and have a disciplined mind set with determination. I am excited to take on another full time semester and become more knowledgeable in a field that has been opening my eyes and allowing me to learn about some smart people like Karl Marx, Max Weber, Émile Durkheim, Michel Foucault, and so many other brilliant minds. It is very refreshing learning about this new profound knowledge and be able to apply it in my work and more importantly, my life. I now ask more questions and am now a lot more open minded than ever before. It feels good.


I used to loath school and I was not (and still am) the brightest. It is funny how I am still in school and I still want to keep learning to become better. I have never stopped school. 2022 is going to be another hectic year and I am pumped to take it on. I have not blogged about my education but I think it’s time since I’ve done a lot of it. One day I’ll look back at my blogs and pat myself on the back. Education is key for everything and if you want to keep growing, go out and take some classes (and read!)

June 2022 UPDATE: I am now enrolled in a Honours in Sociology Program. My new goal is to finish that in a year while studying for the LSAT.

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