Day 4 – IRONMAN Training

Work was chill today, I left early since I worked my butt off yesterday (no lunch break). The heater is broken at my gym and I have been avoiding it but TODAY WAS THE DAY. I jumped into that pool and literally yelped due to its coldness. It did wake me up. My shoulders started […]


My Journey to completing my Sociology Degree for 2022

The following are the remaining courses I need to complete for my Bachelor’s in Sociology. Updated on July 2022 Status (excluding the 60 credits in Business Administration): SOCIOL 1Z03 – Completed Spring 2021 SOCSCI 1SS3 – Completed Spring 2022 SOCIOL 2KK3 – Completed Fall 2021 SOCIOL 2LL3 – Completed Winter 2022 (fantastic class) SOCIOL 2Z03 […]