My Male Living space – still living at home edition

I was in another room in my parent’s home but I moved back to my old room in the basement. I did this to focus on my triathlon training, school work, and to have a cool male living space. This also allowed me to donate a lot of my clothes and get rid of materialistic things I did not need. It also allows me to save for my future home when house prices eventually drop.

The dogs come and go.

I’ve been thinking of removing more items and having only items that are truly truly essential for me to move forward. I have thought about a scenario to remove clutter from my room. If the world ended, what would I really need? That helped me donate a lot of clothes I know I will never wear again and allows someone to benefit from it. I am still in the process of removing more items. I would like to be able to pack up my things and bring enough to fit in one bag. Death Stranding style.

My dual monitor setup. Two 32 inch curved monitors with my laptop acting as a third monitor. RGB speakers, Logitech RGB keyboard and mouse. Books from previous classes.

This year will be interesting since I have a lot of plans (still looking to buy a house or move internationally). We’ll see what happens. Enjoy some more pictures.

This is my pain cave, work, pandemic gym, YouTube creation room, game room, bedroom, and my life in a nutshell. If I died and a stranger walked in this room they might have a good idea on what I like doing and what kind of person I am. Or does this room seem too generic?

Let me know what you think.

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