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Wearing the Veilance Blazer with kit and ace’s navigator commute pants

I am in dire need of work attire. Although I work in IT, I do some very physical things at work that damages my clothes. I have held back on buying work attire because of that but some of the clothes is falling apart and I like to look presentable and somewhat professional. If a computer is broken, a network jack needs to fished, a server needs to be put out of service, I am going to get dirty doing physical work, My clothes are taking beatings and that’s ok. I like to look good and this was my excuse to update my wardrobe and buy tech wear apparel. To be fair, my clothes has lasted years and I’m happy it lasted that long but it’s time to look fresh again.

Why ARC’TERYX Veilance?

Flexing and stretching in the bathroom.

A couple months back, I was down to 2 works pants that were falling apart. I felt like a bum wearing some of the clothes. Enough was enough. I drove to Toronto, went to Nomad and picked up my first technical pants, Veilance. I debated Acronym’s pants but that thing was over 1000.00 and Veilance was just as beautiful in my eyes and at a less heftier price of $350.00 (which is still A LOT). It also looked like I could actually wear it at work, which was a large factor in purchasing it. I needed to still look presentable and professional. The material to me also felt much more durable and better for the winter. I bought it and have worn it, a lot. I love it.


Am I doing a gun duel or just putting items in those secure pockets?

The pants are interesting as heck. there’s two normal pockets and then there are two secured zipper pockets below the normal pockets around the front. The pants have a standard fit and are not slim. The material is great for the winter when layered. When paired with tights underneath them, the cold cannot penetrate my legs. It is wind proof and water resistant too. It has to be, that material feels tough and heavy! Cold does not exist when I wear them. One small complaint is how loud they are. When you are walking, they are loud. It’s like walking with snow pants. Everyone hears you when you walk by them. I’m not a fan of that. These are for the winter though. I’d like to see what they release in the spring.

Another shot. a side shot

The blazer is not as loud. The blazer has two buttons in the front, a zipper pocket within, and the colour is perfect for the corporate environment. I’ve gotten several compliments from it. It’s probably because I’m finally dressing presentable again. It’s not slim but it’s appropriate and I can layer up with it.

Additional Fit Pics

Back shot
Secure pockets. Worn after shovelling and being outside
All tech everything
Extra shots.


So far I really like the purchase and I’m really hoping it lasts long. As always, I’ll update how it’s performing in 6+ months. So far, my main complaint is the loudness the material is when walking. Other than that, I’d love to find a slimmer version of this but I don’t regret this purchase. I’d love to pick up another colour when they go on sale. Wish me luck!

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