WDYWT – Winter Tech Edition

I’ve been really getting into the techwear. I like clothes that gives you extra features (and you actually use the features). This could range from technical material such as goretex to concealed pockets for traveling in a foreign country. The problem is that this stuff is expensive as heck and it doesen’t always look appropriate (depending on where you’re wearing it). Sometimes it looks way too out there yet it looks amazing. I do applaud those who can pull these outfits off and keep pushing the boundaries of fashion.

I actually wore this to work but on this day, no one is
was at work. Does it look appropriate? I think so.
This day it was cool. I was comfy and wear.
  • F/CE x NANGA jacket
  • Duer cargo pants
  • Adidas x Human Made Boots
  • Adidas tech wear base layer
  • Nike vest
The nike vest. Three pockets in the front.
Hidden back pocket

I saw tons of these at the Nike outlet and I regret not buying all of them.

Rain Hoodie that was concealed
The pants (duer)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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