Blue base layer – size medium

ADIDAS is innovative

I use base layers a lot. My active lifestyle requires them and I embrace them. They provide protection, resistance against chafing, warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, technical fabrics, and allow me to stay fit from the slim cuts that they provide. They are versatile but realistically they are mainly meant for the active individual.

Green base layer – size small I bought this size to force myself to lose the gut.

I have purchased multiple base layers from multiple brands throughout the years and ADIDAS has provided what I wanted. Their have been some releases that have been disappointments but without change there is no innovation. ADIDAS’ fall and winter base layers are always refreshing to see. I’m always excited on what they will release every year. They change their fabrics and style creating unique base layers. Not many companies do that. This is probably because they are a billion dollar organization who can actually do these type of releases. This year, they did it again. They released a sweet base layer that I love so much that I bought 3 base layers and 2 tights.

Vest + base layer = ultimate tech wear outfit. Still searching for the best pair of pants though

The base layer

Wearing the blue base layer with the black tights. The tights are size small. The blue base layer is size medium

This base layer is insane. The fabric is tight with the right amount of stretch. It has a cool design that isn’t too loud and it feels warm if you take it on a cold run. It’s also perfect when working out at the gym. I also wore it on my outdoor bike rides. I preferred this over my rapha base layer with the neck warmer. To me, this base layer is better in every way.

I bought two size small base layers to push myself to lose weight and 1 size medium to have a baggier one if I continue to be a chunky boy. The hoodie is perfect to cover your head and half of your face. I’ve mainly used it as a neck warmer though. It also has reflectors to give some visibility. The thumb hole is used to warm the hand and is also another nice feature that helps for runs. It is $160.00 but can be purchased at 50% as I type this review out. They also come in black, green, and blue. I purchased all three colors. The two downsides is the high price and the neck warmer limiting when it can be worn. For example, I can’t wear this base layer at work because of the hoodie revealing itself looking unprofessional. This is meant for active workout sessions.

Chilling in the car and flexing with my base layer. Haters going to hate.

The Tights

The front. Size small in tights.

I don’t purchase as many tights as I do base layers. I’ve had bad luck with adidas tights in the past but also very amazing experiences with others. It’s a hit or miss. This one I really like. They come in some interesting colours and as soon as I saw the pockets, it was in my shopping cart. I can’t fit my iPhone in it and I am guessing it is for gel packs since these are meant for running. They are also very warm and I will definitely wear them underneath my work clothes and my cool outdoors runs.

I’m blue.

The last pair of adidas tights did not have the right amount of stretch. This one does. It also has a pouch for the private area. If you wanted to run outside or go to the gym without shorts, you can do it with these bad boys. I tend to wear short shorts with tights and I try to change the color and not look symmetrical. I do not want to accidentally bring back the 90’s track suit style in a contemporary new wave format. No sir.

Pouch for the boys.
Back shot


Right now, I love these items. I’ve been practically wearing them everyday. The price is high, it’s very specific for what they’re meant for, and I don’t know about the longevity. The majority of my adidas base layers and tights have lasted for years however there’s always a chance they won’t. Only time will tell. What I can say is that I love them and I’m putting them to use heavily. Getting them half price was a win for me too.


  • Cool color options
  • Great stretch
  • Premium feeling material
  • Great for warmth
  • Zipper pockets for the tights
  • Thumb hole to keep hands warm for runs
  • Some reflectors
  • Hoodie but currently using as a neck warmer
  • Used it for cycling, working out, going out


  • Expensive (but currently on sale!)
  • Longevity has not been tested
  • Base layer hoodie is not removable, this can not be worn underneath a professional environment as an insulating base layer. It is specific for fitness
Side view as a final shot.

Purchased here and here

NOVEMBER 2023 UPDATE: I am losing weight so here are some shots of the base layers. I wear them a lot. I wear them when I run, cycle, and when I head to the gym. I love them but they are getting very worn out quickly

Blue base layer
Green base layer
Black base layer

2024 update: I wear all three in rotation. They’re showing lots of wear but it’s because I use them at the gym and went training outdoors. I wish I bought more. Here are some updated pics

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