I Wear Two Watches (AKA The Double Wrister)

Becoming a watch lover

The box each watch came in. Two completely different demographics but still tell time and can show what the person is into

When I was a child (this is still debatable), my godfather gifted me a very nice Roots watch as a First Communion gift. It had a metallic bracelet, a nice watch face, pretty dials, and made me look cool. It was super fine. That gift made me love watches. I barely remember it but I remember how much of an impact it made on me. I remember it being my most prized possession and it was to be kept with me at all times and that I should never lose it. It was stolen. I know where it was stolen as well. I forgot to put it on after my swimming class at the local high school. I left it in the change room and someone took it.

I remember losing it and I was freaking out. It was the end of the world for me. The fear of my godfather or parents finding out ate me from the inside. Luckily no one ever asked about it but it was always on my mind. It was on my mind for so long that every time I passed by a Roots store, I would look at similar watches, take a peak at the prices, and start thinking of ways to make the money to buy one and hope no one would notice. Remember, this was a child thinking about this master plan. The crazy thoughts and worrying eventually passed through time. However the thought about purchasing a very nice watch never left me. I’m always thinking about buying a very nice watch. A forever watch.

Purchasing my first watch

As I became older, I kept thinking about buying a Rolex and wearing it all day, every day. I started thinking about doing it but I had other ideas in my mind as well. Before pulling the trigger, I purchased a Garmin Vivo Music 3 Smartwatch as a test run. I bought this for three major reasons. First, to wear the watch 24/7 and see how much damage it would endure from my active lifestyle. Second, to see if I actually liked wearing the watch and becoming the watch guy I was destined to become. Lastly, I needed a smartwatch to log all of my training instead of always using my phone. Essentially, automated logging activities with less steps than a phone.

Both watches that I am currently wearing. Behind the scenes look

Smartwatches are not stylish but have a purpose

I love smartwatches. For an active individual like myself. This is the ultimate watch however there are several issues that I have encountered owning two smartwatches. Firstly, they are not timepieces and lose value being pieces of tech. They are not stylish whatsoever. They are meant for analytical purposes. To help you perform better by viewing your stats. To log your daily activities and use them as a measuring tool for fitness improvement and to provide a general overview of how you are doing. They are fantastic for that. On the contrary, they have a limited lifespan since software updates from the manufacturers slow down the watch’s operating system. This forces the individual to upgrade to the latest and greatest due the smartwatch becoming slow (just like smartphones). The battery life is also a HUGE issue for me. I train a lot. I swim, cycle, run, work out, and that battery drains fast. My watch barely lasts 4 days. I take it off to charge then I forget to put it on. I am then watchless and I feel naked. I just want to have a watch on all the time! Constantly recharging is not fun. The charge is quick at least.

Becoming a double wrister

A watch that shows someone’s characteristic

This dilemma of constantly charging my smart watch every couple of days sucks! I keep taking it off and putting it back on. It would be nice if the battery lasted longer. My sister bought me a watch for Christmas and I double wristed. That’s right. I put the watch on my right wrist and life is glorious with two watches. I only see one issue so far. I don’t think I can wear it in the pool since it is not waterproof. The Rolex is waterproof though. Will this be the year I will finally buy my spiritual roots watch in Rolex form? The watch she gave me shows character and style. If you know the type of person vegeta is, that is me.

A watch that also shows someone’s characteristic

I love what she bought me and I will continue to double wrist. Swatch x Vegeta is what she got me. I might go get Swatch x Frieza. I hope you enjoyed this article. While learning the definition double wristing, I also found Segal’s Law. “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.”. I thought that was funny. Would you wear two watches and go against the social norms? You know my answer at least.

Feb 2023 update: I’m back to just wearing one watch, my Garmin. I’m becoming responsible and just charging my watch. Unfortunately I am a data driven freak. I believe when I get the Rolex, I will wear it for nights out.

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