My New Triathlon Bike – Scott Plasma Premium 3

Reason I bought a Triathlon Bike

What do you think?

After the ironman, I kept thinking about getting a triathlon bike. After being passed by triathletes on their tri bikes during the races, I made the decision to buy one. If I’m going to be competing in the sport, I figure I should start using the proper equipment. In the past, this was not the case. I was satisfied with my road bike since I was not committed to the sport and thought I was a speed demon. I am doing this now since I can see myself doing more triathlons, making the commitment, and see the road bike’s limitations. I enjoy the discipline, volume training, competitiveness, and self growth that this sport has provided. It’s time to put a ring on it.

Slim, thick, and beautiful

Triathlon Bikes are expensive

During this materialistic purchasing journey, I had many possible candidates for my dream triathlon bike. The dilemma I had was that they cost an arm and a leg. To be fair, the bikes I was looking at were the top end models. The super bikes. I then lowered my standards and looked at entry level triathlon bikes. I thought they all looked ugly except for Cervelo and Trek’s entry level models. Cervelo’s entry level 105 tri bike costs 4399.99 plus tax. For an entry level bike, that’s a hefty price. Trek redesigned their frame and their frame alone costs more than $5,000! They both seemed too overpriced and out of my budget. Looks, price, and groupset played a big role in the purchasing decision.

I have been searching online for something budget friendly and it’s very hard to find any deal whatsoever. However, while searching online I found an old frame. The legendary Scott Plasma Premium 3 frame appeared. The price was good (in terms of affordability for a peasant like me). I immediately called the shop and inquired about it. I then drove off to Toronto to buy the frame. I then asked the sales associate for the price of ultegra’s Di2 group set. I made the impulsive decision to buy both the frame and group set right then and there. I then made the impulsive decision for them to build the bike right then and there. My budget and bank account was destroyed but I got what I wanted…. except for wheels. I need new wheels but my budget is limited.

The Verdict

At the moment, I need new wheels but I must save up money. This was supposed to be a project. I was supposed to buy one item at a time and be aware of my spending. I was not. Here we are now. I have a new beautiful bike and I HAVE NO REGRETS! If I do something, I’ll make it happen. If I kept on waiting, nothing would have happened. Comment and tell me what you think!

They measured and fitted me.

Features of the bike

  • 11 SPD, Di2 Electronic Groupset (with durace brakes)
  • Zipp Vulk aluminum handlebar
  • Rim Brake
  • Scott Plasma Premium 3
  • Feels fast
  • Looks fast
  • 52-36 front crank
  • 11-28 rear cassette
  • always feels fast since I’m always in a super aero position
  • Need new wheels
Matched the Hispanic house. It is now part of the family

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Hey Dave!!!! I enjoy doing more than I can do. Next year will be 4-5 triathlons and if everything goes to plan I will cycle up a mountain somewhere in Italy or Switzerland. I am also looking into gravel races on an international scale since they look like fun. There’s too much fun things in the cycling world that I cannot truly stop just for triathlon.

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