My 10 day Trip to France (Day 9)

Our trip was coming to an end. My sister and I loved France but it was time to go home soon. What else could we do in Paris? Shop and explore some more of course. We went back to buy more things for our family and friends. I also purchased tons of stuff for myself in Paris. In Japan, I had to stop my sister from making multiple purchases (specifically towels). This time my sister had to stop me from making multiple purchases (specifically Men’s French clothing brands).

We explored, shopped, and took our sweet time just walking and enjoying the final days. Enjoy the pictures.

Another rainy day but that won’t stop us. We are explorers!
Me looking fresh in my French pants and boots.
We walked a different direction in Paris.
Things started opening up
Looking away.
People watching.
We have a purpose. To shop until we drop.
random shot
Then the shopping began.
The shirt my sister prevented me from buying
The watch my sister prevented me from buying. Don’t worry, I’ll just put that saving to my future Rolex submariner or oyster.
We look for food
I eat one of the best lasagna’s of my life. My mom’s lasagnas are amazing. This was on par.
Excellent bread
We keep looking for gifts
Going up and down the malls.
cow dude.
Enough said.
France has top souvenirs.

My sister browsing.
We see more food.
What a nice piece of art. I almost bought this but I held back.
lots of goodies in this mall.
Alcohol. I bought some bottles as souvenirs.
Because wine not?
My sister and I debating on buying a couch in France. We did not. We did end up buying one when we came back to Canada.
I also sit on it.

I don’t host but if I did, this would be the one.
We had to leave. The price was high.
we walk through the city.
Another rainy day in November
My sister looking everywhere
Me looking cool
A woman giving us the stare
Lots of children in this mall
There is a store to buy everything Michael Jackson. Awesome.
We crave for ice cream
Waiting for my drink with my sister’s socks.
There it is.
My sister and I discussing politics
My sister at her happiest.
We continue to walk and see a big structure.
Walking towards it.
Beautiful. Modern things around something historical.
I buy more clothes.
We get more views
It’s already night. The day is over.
Beautiful. Night walks are the best.
It was another good day. lots of money was spent but memories were still made.

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