Cafe Du Cycliste CORINNE Review (returned)

I am in need of a warm long sleeve jersey for my fall and winter bike rides. After purchasing a jersey from Cafe Du Cycliste last year, I was ok with purchasing a new item from them. Their style is very minimal with nice designs. They are pricey though. The jersey still feels and looks new. I’m ok with spending the extra money if something is going to last long. You get what you pay for. I decided to order this. Here is the first jersey I bought from them.

Cafe Du Cyclist Jersey 160lb at 5’7. They offer this color. I am wearing a Medium here.

I have been riding my road bike in the winter with my North Face winter jacket (That I have had for more than 10 years) along with layers of clothing underneath. This year I decided to get cycling gear that will just be meant for riding in the fall/winter. After unboxing this and trying it on, I believe this will not be warm enough for my rides. The size was large and it was indeed too big for me since I should have purchased a medium or small. I am 5’7 at 150lb. Here are the fit pics of a size large.

The front. Notice how loose it looks. I need a medium or small.
The aero position. Not aero since I would be a balloon in this.
Side view.
Back view, looks baggy.
Another side shot.

I contacted their customer service support. I have returned it. I will not be getting an exchange. I am getting a refund. The material felt very nice but I do not believe it will keep me warm even for the fall. I will be aiming at buying a jacket instead of a jersey. I have a long sleeve thermal now and I believe it will do the job when accompanied with the jacket.

I had to pay $50.00 Canadian to send it back to them. Just to return it. I expected them to pay for the RMA but clearly I don’t read. Sometimes buying things online when it’s not available in your country is a hassle. If I get the jacket from them, it will be this one. Right now, I’m looking at ASSOS since I could go to a store in Canada and physically try it on and not get burned in shipping costs. I also know that will handle our weather.

Here is a video I made of the unboxing. The video was created first. These are my thoughts after returning it. I have a medium in the Jersey, not a large.

UPDATE JUNE 2022: I’ve been thinking about this jacket for quite some time. When the fall hits, and there is a new color, I might give this one a chance since I’m much more acclimated to cold riding. I did like the way it felt. It had a nice stretch and would be cool with an aero vest. Stay tuned.

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