My 10 day Trip to France (Day 10)

The last day. Another successful trip completed. We decided to wrap it all up by walking through the city and continue shopping. We were happy that we were going back home and used this day as another relaxing day. Additional shopping was done, and more memories were made.

Another city that I’ve always wanted to go to has now been scratched off my bucket list. This city impressed me and has made me want to learn French again. I am so serious about learning French that I am making arrangements to learn it as a second language. Never stop growing. Enjoy the pictures and I hope you enjoyed some of my story telling.

We get up early as usual. No Rain today.
I take a secret picture of my sister while we walk
I would love to own an apartment in Europe one day.
Under a bridge
Sometimes I’m amazed at the pictures I take. Technology helps too
Crossing the streets.
In the middle of the road.
The last views of my baby.
A Dior store.
We walked by here a lot.
We walked through the empty streets.
We look for food.
walking along.
We find a nice place.
Good ambience.
Our lovely waitress.
The food was amazing. I had lasagna
We continue walking
We walk all over the city and find a small door
We see bikes.
I show my skills
I show my happiness.
I take a nice shot here.
We head to the malls and get the last views.
It’s already getting dark. Time flies.
Another view.
A nice shot
We go in to get another cool pic.
I put my phone away. My sister does not and gets me.
we go down to get some baked goods.
We do some last minute shopping.
I go back to my toys.
We go back to the hotel and call it a day.

I hope you enjoyed this 10 day France trip. I would like to go back one day and explore many other cities surrounding the area but I have many other countries to visit and explore. If you like fashion, history, art, shopping, and a little bit of everything, Paris is the place to go. My sister never thought about going to France. This trip opened her eyes and showed her how awesome it is.

This trip was supposed to be cheap. It was not. The $700.00 flight ticket was cheap. the $700.00 hotel was cheap. The day trips, insane amount of shopping, buying tickets to all of the attractions , buying croissants and baked goods in every corner made this a very expensive trip. Should I have just sucked it up and chosen Patagonia instead? Who knows. Only time will tell. This trip was easily over five grand but I have no regrets. Merci France.

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