My 10 day Trip to France (Day 8)

Our vacation was almost coming to an end and when the time gets closer, we focus on getting gifts for the family, coworkers, and friends. What happened today? This day was a little rough. Just like in Rouen, it rained. Enjoy our journey.

We head out and explore the slippery looking roads and cobblestones.
We head to a Cafe to escape the rain.
More please.
My sister paying using all of the loose change we have.
We have an umbrella. We bought from Japan since it always rained there.
We continue walking through the wet streets of Paris
Where are we headed? What is our goal for the day?
Me. Walking through the streets of Paris.
The city is bustling even in the morning.
We are heading to the Aquarium. Every country we go to, we try to go to an aquarium.
We start getting closer to the destination but we crave for more baked goods.
We arrive at the aquarium and to be honest, it was very disappointing. It was just me and my sister (with less than 5 people in it) which was pretty cool. It was very small, very short, and it wasn’t as good as the other aquariums we have been to. It has a 3 star rating on trip advisor for a reason. It was boring. I hate to say it. I did not take many pictures since it was bland but it was nice to be out of the rain.
I still liked it.
how much the sea levels will rise in the future. This scares me.
Looking at the fish and learning cool facts we will never remember.
Life man.
The best part of this aquarium. They would follow you.
I loved it.
l was also able to relax for a bit.
Of course there was art in the aquarium
we leave the aquarium and continue our walk.
We see a lineup.
To the Louis Vuitton store.
We find a restaurant and find ourselves in food ecstasy. Where is the food though?
There it is. What about me though?
We then head into a Renault store and buy a gift
Lots of security in here.
Another car.
The walk continues
We keep going straight down
We walk straight and turn back to the shopping areas.
Heading back to the shopping area, it becomes busy.
We enter a mall and this is the entrance
Art + Paris.
Paris + Chocolate
How do I look?
The middle of this mall.
Expensive Roma pizza type gourmet. I believe this was 8 euro.
We look for perfumes for our mother.
We chill for a bit.
The second floor gets very expensive.
19,400 euros….
A scooter I desire. Luckily I can’t waste my money on this since the plane will not allow this due to their batteries.
It starts getting dark.
But then Paris gets lit.
We visit multiple chocolate stores
The chocolate here is delicious and I have never seen them in Canada. Almost every brand was from Belgium or France. Truly delicious yet very expensive.
Hellicious Habanero Hot sauce was one of the best purchases I did in France. I love hot sauces and this one was perfect. Good heat and great flavor.
we start heading back to the hotel while thinking of a restaurant to eat close by.
Walking at night it always fun.
If you like APC,You will love Balibaris. It’s a little more exclusive to Paris. I bought one item. Apparently the president of France has some clothes from this brand. I think a suit.
We find a restaurant by our hotel.
She didn’t know I snapped this picture. Until now.

That was day 8. I did not take many pictures since we were focusing on buying gifts. the amount of shopping we did that day was unreal. This whole trip was a lot of shopping. We shopped a lot in Paris and dedicated this day for that and others. That’s how much shopping they have to offer. If you want to shop until you drop, this is the place.

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