My 10 day Trip to France (Day 7)

Day 7 was interesting. We decided to stay in Paris for the remaining days and explore as much as possible. Paris was one of the only cities we got very lost. I believe the reason why we were very lost throughout the city was because we used the subway system to get to destinations faster on the first week. We thought we knew where we were but we would then find ourselves somewhere completely new. Our subway cards was only good for about 7 days. We decided to just walk from one location to the next to save money and get a better feel of the city. We definitely did on this day. We got lost and explored very different areas that people would not want to explore and show. This is another area of France.

As always, enjoy the pictures and some story telling along the way.

As usual we wake up early and start the day off leaving TIM hotel. This time we decide to head off to a totally different direction.
I may or may not have had espresso on this day.
Let the journey begin

We see shopping carts and head towards the grocery store that we randomly stumble upon. I enjoy going to grocery stores to see what different products they have compared to Canada. It’s a great way to bring local souvenirs back.
You will always find Nutella.
We head out and see Danone!
We continue walking and the area we were in felt a little bit industrial. The amount of cranes is insane. I’m guessing more condo deevlopments.
We start seeing these little guys on the street. Is this a “watch out for pedestrian” sign?
Another shot of this part of the city. I believe we were going northeast of the city.
We walk further down and start seeing the cool architecture again.
We see a cemetery and enter it. Cemeteries are fascinating. They look different compared to Canada’s cemeteries.
These must have cost a fortune.
This is how one looks from the inside.
We then continue walking and see this. It looks incredibly rusty. We did not know but we are in Saint-Denise. We walked FAR.
It starts to smell bad….very bad.
The smell is lingering around this area but we manage to escape.
I believe this is still the seine river
Captured moments.
My sister and I crossing the bridge.
A prettier sight of the Saint-Denise (canal)
We are in Saint-Denise not even realizing it. We were walking around aimlessly without a care in the world. This is what vacations are for. It’s not always about rushing everything. My sister will probably laugh at this. I love rushing everything.
Shops around the area.
We keep walking.
Another shot of the area.
The walk continues.
We are approaching something big.
Attention to detail.
I would like a door like this if I ever get a house.
We enter.
Always in awe.
Just walking around.
Like I always say, pictures can only do so much.
I can sit down for a bit. The sheer happiness.
These ceilings must be the worst to fix.
We leave. Did we by accidentally just do a half day trip to another “city”? NICE
We walk by more structures in Saint-Denise.
We begin heading back
The stadium where the France national football team trains is in this city. I saw a glimpse of it but I did not want to bore my sister so we headed back.
We are back in Paris but very far from the core area. We are in an area where you can buy a “real Rolex”.
Deals everywhere.
We were then back in Paris walking around just enjoying the day.
We went in for baked good.
We continued walking
We then went to a mall that was meant for Chinese tourists. The basement floor focused on souvenirs. We purchased some of the best chocolate France had to offer. Extremely expensive but extremely delicious. The saleswomen knew we were going to buy a lot so we offered us multiple samples.
More goods. This place is dangerous. We are in a very dangerous territory when there is chocolate and baked goods involved.
We head out of the mall and continue looking for more malls and baked goods.
We find another mall. Lots of little restaurants and little boutiques.
Train Restaurant.
it’s an L shaped mall. we enter and then we leave.
We go here to eat.
We need to eat some more
You got me.
FrogPubs was delicious
We leave and continue the walk.
Random picture, ahaha.
It’s starting to get dark.
Dark and busier.
is this an underground mall?
Other angles
Hot wine stands?!
Ok, we are going in.
People everywhere.
We are overwhelmed once again with everything going on.
Those juicy succulent lips
We are going in. The Centre Pompidou. WARNING LOTS OF NUDITY AHEAD
Entering the exhibition.
Me and the art.
My sister and the art.
The artist.
It was very interesting
Big woofer.
This gallery is huge.
Views from inside.
more views from inside
True love.
We start heading to the hotel since we are far.
More views of the mall.
The tree calls her.
Everyone is out having a good time. A great time to go to France is around Christmas.
Debating on getting McDonald’s
This is around the shopping areas (Lafayette and Printemp)
I snap a picture as quickly as possible.
I get myself a slice of pizza (and gelato)
That is day 7 folks. A lot of twists and turns, lots of chocolate, and lots of new areas we never visited. Another successful day.

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