My 10 day Trip to France (Day 6)

Every time we go on vacation we call our family everyday to talk about what we did. What is the one sentence I will always here from my mom? “Your vacation is coming to an end” Thanks mom, I know (sad face). Let me enjoy my time off and not think about that, ahaha. Day 6 we decided to explore Paris again.

As I type this, I don’t even remember what I did. I am glad I have photos of everything with time stamps and geolocations added into the image. The amount of things we do when we travel is a lot. I am able to explore a lot more than before. I am actually becoming experienced in traveling. I never thought in my life I would learn such a skill. As always, enjoy the pictures and memories.

We got up very early in the morning and start exploring the city.
My sister trying to hide from the my camera skills.
The Christmas vibe continues.
There was a lot of police presence throughout Paris. I was warned that there were many protests and riots going on because of the shutdown of many services on November 2019. I did not see any of this. My sister was almost pick pocketed on the train. I also witnessed a thief pick pocketing someone. I also saw a man hitting female thieves. Nothing crazy.
Embassy and other buildings while we just walked through Paris.
It’s nice walking in the morning when it’s like this.
My sister killing it.
Do you see?
Walking through stores that sell very expensive shoes
I’m loving this.
In love.
Do you notice what the locals are wearing compared to what we are wearing?
We are then in another very busy area in Paris
We start going to the middle since it’s bumping with monuments.
Views from behind
From the back.
A closeup shot.
Looking good Jay.
I enjoyed this too much.
We continue walking
Eiffel tower from here
Crossing the Seine river.
Where are we heading? Oh hey cutie.
Me and my girl.
A line up! Let’s go!
A line up? To what?
As usual, pictures do not do justice.
It’s still early in the morning and it’s getting busy.
I love the art.
Taking it in.
This picture has meme material
The stories in all of these pieces of art..
I will draw like this one day. (AHAHA)
A game of chess.
The art always amazes me.
Van Gogh stuff
Looking proper.
Some background
More background information on this artist
The result
My sister in deep thought
Me and my sister amazed
The second floor.
Sculptures, art, design, all at once
Walking past my sister.
It keeps getting better
Dark art yet so beautiful
Size comparison.
Taking a little break
The gang.
A mother’s love.
Good times.
Caveman Jay
Did I mention they love Breton sweaters here? Very stylish.
We have seen a lot of art. It’s time to head out.
We start looking for food.
We go in and order. There were many male waiters in the restaurants we went to. I was surprised by this since it’s mostly women in Canada.
Good times while we wait for our food.
Drink water, be happy.
It was ok.
The exploration continues. Where will we go next?
We then stumble upon a marketplace opening up.
We have a goal in mind. The Catacombs.
We continue using google maps to get to the catacombs. My feet are killing me from the new French Boots I bought.
Don’t wear new leather boots when you are walking for more than 12 hours a day.
We continue walking.
We made it to the Les Catacombes de Paris
after this, you then have to take stairs that goes underground.
I did not take too many pictures since there is no flash allowed and it was very dark. Once you exit, they check your bags to make sure there are no bones in your bag. People steal the bones.
Bones everywear.
Interesting stuff. Before entering the catacomb there is writing on the walls that warns you of something (perhaps a curse?). I forget what the guy said but that was pretty cool.
I am not leaning on the bones. I respect this place.
We are back up with the living.
It starts getting dark. Time to start heading back
The art we see on the streets of Paris.
very unique
resting my feet from the new boot pains.
The struggle is real walking back. My sister walks much slower than me.
Close to the hotel I get one more picture taken from the legendary Moulin Rouge
That was day 6! Lots of painful walking and amazing sightseeing. I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip.

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