My 10 day trip to France (Day 5 – Day trip to Rouen)

What did we do on day five? Day five was another day trip. Originally the plan was to go to Belgium or London but the commute was a little too much for just one day. We limited our travel time to 2 hours. What was the result? Rouen France. We headed off on a very rainy day to Rouen. The rain made this day trip extra magical. I made the mistake of wearing very worn out sneakers (RIP Jordan’s) while walking through Rouen’s cobblestones. The amount of feet pain I endured throughout the day was unreal. It was still magical though. The city is known for Joan of Arc. As always, enjoy the pictures and commentary.

A very cool maps showing France’s cool places to explore. Take in Paris.
My sister in the train. She was lucky to get a seat since I had to stand.
Standing since it was packed.
Two hours later, we have arrived in Rouen France. The Normandy region. A very different vibe compared to Paris.
Just like Versaille. It looks basic but is it?
We begin seeing the buildings change in looks.
It looks empty but is it?
Beautiful looking buildings start popping up.
Do you see?
We walk much further down the city.
We turn around and go back to the busy part of the city. Notice the change? Beautiful.
There I am!
It’s different than Canada, that’s for sure!
we find a small mall and head inside
We saw these bears in Paris too!
It’s empty inside so we go into one store then we leave
Human to bear size comparison.
Where is all of the excitement? It’s a beautiful city but what’s so special about it?
It’s still empty.
The exploration continues
People are beginning to pop up. This is just the start.
pointing at absolutely nothing
Here we go. People, businesses, and the architecture.
Getting lost in the city with no worry whatsoever.

Of course we went to a bakery.
Me. In the middle of the empty street
The city starts becoming lively.
The fashionable people of Rouen. This city had a very family oriented vibe. There were lots of families just hanging out.
What’s that?
A very cool looking marketplace
In the middle of the city (maybe?)
Yo sis, take a pic of me flexing.
interesting looking buildings
Looking for more food as usual
Lovely buildings
Just me having fun.

we head the opposite direction since we see something massive.
What’s that? That big building?
Me walking to all of its glory
It’s so big, my phone cannot capture the whole Cathedral.
More angles of this beautiful masterpiece
Sister to door size comparison
A closeup of the entrance
A shot from the back. We continue exploring through the rain.
We start walking away from the beautiful cathedral to continue the exploration.
The alleyways become narrow.
The same alleyway
Further down, we see something just as big as the Cathedral.
We keep walking through the shiny cobblestone roads to the big building we see ahead.
We kept on walking. The bag my sister purchased from Mec saved her from a pick pocket thief on the train in Paris.
We kept walking and saw…
Another shot of this beautiful building
Sister to church size comparison
More shots of the church
The attention to detail on these things is incredible.
We continue our journey.
How the church looks from the back
It rains off and on throughout the day but we are explorers and are definitely prepared for this. Just kidding, we are not.
selfie time
What’s this large behemoth?
Sister to building size comparison. How does it look from the inside?
Like this.
They turned it into an art exhibition. Apparently the locals did not like this since there was some 18+ material.
Art and history.
A much needed seat from all of the walking.
Organs looking fantastic
Art from the students
We were here for a while just taking it all in.
A beautiful piece of history and ad.
We then headed back to the cathedral and shopped around their stores.
Do I regret this purchase? Yes.
One last look before saying good bye to Roeun.
Charging my phone in the train station while we wait to go back to Paris. Did I mention I’m wearing Studio D’artisan Denim?
We go back to Paris and eat. Another great day. Another great memory of this beautiful country. Merci Rouen.

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