My 10 day trip to France (Day 1)

The much needed trip to France

After returning from Mexico City on September 2019, I was ready to start working very hard again. I worked so hard that I did close to 300 hours in overtime within a 3-month period. I was ready for another vacation. I wanted to do another Latin American country but the flights were getting very pricey (I’m looking at you Patagonia). I had to make my move or it would have been a stay-cation. I ended up choosing France since the ticket was $600.00 Canadian. I wanted to save money, I did not. Paris is very expensive. I was off with my sister to another country in Europe.

Me. The open waters. Happiness.

Day 1

The first day we saw it all. The Arc d’triumph, baguettes in every sight, croissants, the Eiffel tower, more food, art on the streets, and friendly people. This city has a lot but once you explore it enough, you understand it, you will still feel lost. We stayed at a cheap hotel close to the outskirts of the city. I believe the hotel is just a place to sleep and to leave your belongings. No fancy hotel is needed. This hotel did the job. Thank you TIM Hotel.

When we entered France, we went straight to the bakery
Around the hotel when we first arrive
This was Tim Hotel from outside. Some reviews said it was loud at night. It’s a city. Cities are always loud.
Tim Hotel was around many restaurants and close to the subway. The location was key.
We explored the city looking for food. This was our first encounter.
Exploring Paris for the first time with my sister. The face of joy.
The darkness quickly approached. we walked all night around the Arc d’triumph and throughout the city.
To get to the Arc d’Triumph, we went underground
This was right above the Arc d’Triumph.
Taking the stairs up
We went up the stairs. I put it on Strava of course.
This was the view from on top of Arc d’Triumph
The night view on our first day in France.

The next couple of days involved lots of walking. We would get up at 7 am and finish exploring the city around 11 pm. The foot pain was real. Traveling is expensive and time is very precious. As the saying goes, suck it up buttercup. As we become experienced travelers, we prepare with better socks, lots of blister band aids, and comfortable shoes. It still hurts. Memories.

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