My 10 Day Trip to France (Day 3)

We woke up early in the morning again and started walking towards the Louvre Museum. My sister was very excited for this one. We planned to do museums on this day. This is the world’s largest art museum.

Entering through the front of the museum has long lineups. If you arrive early in the morning, it isn’t long. It goes to show that the early bird gets the worm. My sister had to throw cold water to get me out of bed. Just saying.
It’s still busy early in the morning. going through the front takes you underground into a mall.
A view from above
Entering the Louvre. It’s big.
It’s grand.
It’s early so it’s not that busy which is nice. We were able to look at many pieces of art.
The lineup to the Mona Lisa.
There she is.
Me and my girl Mona
Behind the Mona Lisa lineup, there is that. The art never ends.
My sister looking at art. She’s in deep thought.
Me. Not into deep though. Yet.
This is the interesting I enjoy looking at. I forgot to take a picture of the description.
The attention to detail on these pieces of history is astounding.
More pieces of art
Did i mention how grand this place is?
Does this speak to you?
It starts getting busier.
Some of the ceilings.
A view from above.
Another area.
Another area, same museum.
Part of a pyramid?
We then left the museum and ate inside the mall.
We then started exploring the city again. Something happened though…
We saw Mcdonald’s and got more food, ahaha! Their bakery section was unreal.
We kept exploring new areas
Clothing and art stores.
Going in deeper
I said it before, I’ll say it again. Paris knows how to celebrate Christmas.
Palais Garnier
We went up another balcony from one of the many malls Paris has. It is free and it’s a very nice view. We finally got some nice views in the day time.
A nice shot my sister took
Another view from a bridge that crosses to another mall. Lafayette were our favorite malls.
We then went continued exploring on ground.
Everything in France is very picturesque.
We stopped for more bakeries.
and more
and more
We walked by the river some more.
Oh look, art in the open. Paris doing Paris things
We then headed back to malls to look at things to buy.
Me and my new friend.
Another mall
Christmas decorations in the malls
It’s night time already. Time flies when you’re having fun.
We then headed home and called it a day.

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