My 10 Day Trip to France (Day 2)

The second day, we took on a lot. We visited some very popular tourist attractions and continued the journey.

In the morning, Paris is busy with all of the bakeries opened very early. The best time to eat the freshest baked goods.
We continued exploring the city heading to Sacré-Cœur.
We came across a cemetery. It looked beautiful.
As we headed towards Sacré-Cœur, the climbing began.
I’m not tired yet. This is just the beginning.
We were getting closer.
More Sacré-Cœur
Inside Sacré-Cœur
The Amazing city view from Sacré-Cœur.
Another shot, we have to keep moving.
The front view of Sacré-Cœur
We then headed back down to the city. We saw many carousels throughout France.
We took the subway to the next destination. Saint Chapelle.
France has many interesting buildings. Be careful for pickpockets around these areas. We witnessed it. Be in awe but be on alert.
Further down, i see a beautiful woman. As I got closer it was a a fountain. She quenched my thirst (I did not drink from this)
We crossed the bridge to head to Saint Chappelle.
The entrance to Saint Chappelle.
Inside. Pictures do not do justice. They never do.
Some attention to detail
We left Saint Chapelle and continued the exploration
We then entered The Conciergerie
We looked inside the prison cells and saw all of the art exhibits inside.
Interesting stuff
We then left and headed towards Notre-Dame.
The fire happened in 2019. No one is allowed inside. This is how it looks on the outside.
We then got hungry and ate right across of Notre-Dame. This restaurant was ok.
We were still hungry so we looked for more goodies. Bakeries are everywhere I loved it.
We then continued walking and saw this behemoth. The Pantheon. We did not go in since we were overwhelmed with the amount of beauty being thrown at us.
A view from the side.
A view from the front before something started. It was either a protest or mini parade.
A nice closeup.
Some information
We left the pantheon and continued exploring. This is Paris in November. The weather was perfect.
I saw a gelato store so I had to eat.
I am thinking of my next moves.
We also found an Official Studio Ghibli store which was pretty wild.
We walked through Pont Des Arts
Seine River
Selfie at Louvre
Another picture without me being in the way
Another picture with me in the way.
We leave the Louvre and plan it for another day.
We continue walking and end up in multiple malls shopping around and being amazed.
This was inside Lafayette Mall. A mall for women. Every floor was for Women. Paris knows how to make Christmas looks like Christmas. We spent hours in their malls.
You can go up the balconies of the malls and get free views!
More free views. We went back to these malls multiple times.
Walking throughout the night
This is how Christmas should look in Canada. This was another full day completed. The amount of steps we did were well over 40,000 steps. This was only the beginning of our trip.

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