My 10 Day trip to France (Day 4)

We explored Paris and we were loving it but we wanted a change in scenery. We decided to start looking into day trips. We decided to go to Versailles on day 4.

We took the train to Versailles from Paris. Since we left very early in the morning, it was empty.
Barely awake.
As soon as we exited the train, this is what we saw. Nothing special. or is it?
BAM! we do a left turn and we are in the city!
Quiet and clean.
It’s a quiet city but it still has some hustle. My sister almost bought a hat. I said it was too expensive and owner gave me the evil eye.
oh look, another delicious bakery.
I am a very fast walker. My sister is in the background. The perfect time to capture a moment, ahaha.
This city is kind of boring. Where is this amazing palace I keep hearing about?
Oh my God.
It’s getting bigger.
The entrance
We’re inside! this is the right side.
This is the left side. I can’t capture everything since it’s massive.
Another entrance.
Going through security before entering the Palace of Versailles
Another photo of the front before going in.
Going up.
Long hallways. The best is yet to come.
The further down we go, the better the rooms get. They did this on purpose.
Some rooms we were not allowed in.
Pieces of art that royalty would show off to guests
Rooms that would be showed off to guests. Each room better than the last.
Room after room.
There I am. I was there 🙂
This next room…
Royalty at its finest
Ceiling views
more shots of the room
Into another room we go
It starts getting busier too.
More beauty
We went through multiple rooms and didn’t see them all. We wanted to go outside and see their famous gardens.
Garden Maps
From the back
Left, right, and centre. The gardens are everywhere.
Left side of the palace
Closer to the gardens, farther from the Palace to get a better shot.
Much better.
Center. It seems infinite. You could rent golf carts to ride through them.
We walk further down the center
We walk further down.
Heading back from the right side.
Gardens, fountains, views.
Walking back to Palace to leave.
Before I leave, I make sure I become one with the Palace.
We leave the Palace and start heading back to the train.
Some info of Versailles.
Before we leave, we look for food. We stopped at a bagel place
My sister wasn’t feeling it. I ate it.
Once you see it
We find a church and go in it.
We are back in Paris exploring. We look for more food.
Fish and chips. Delicious.
We continue wandering around Paris. What do we now?
We go back around Arc d’Triumph.
More shots.
We decide to go up the Eiffel Tower. I am afraid of heights but it has to be done.
We decide to take the stairs up the tower. the stairs lead you half way up. You then have to take an elevator to go all the way up. I could not do that part. My sister did since she is not.
A view starting right now.
My sister hates stairs. I love them.
There is a restaurant and souvenir shops
Views from the halfway up.
Selfie views.
More views.
Don’t be fooled, I was in fear while up here the whole time. I may look calm and cool but I was not.
Views from different sides of the tower.
me 🙂
This is the view from the top (taken by my sister who is brave enough to go all the way up)
Another view from the top of the Eiffewl Tower.
Picrture taken from my sister’s phone.
We left and then did the boat ride. I love boat rides.
Did I mention my sister hates pictures?
Cruising along.
Bridge after bridge
Since we had a train week pass, we did not choose the boat as a mode of transportation. We explored the city through the subway. The boat ride was change of pace.
Enjoying the moments.
We went back to look for more food. It starts getting busier
We find food.
We head back to the hotel to prepare. For what though?
To head to the game
Heading to the beautiful game.
The first glance of the stadium.
Hanging outside before the game. I love this atmosphere.
Of course I ordered a burrito. Cool fact. I was allowed bringing food into the game. From what I remember, she was from Mexico. It was delicious and it tasted like Mexico.
Let me eat in peace!!
We bought front row seats. We saw a world class game and it cost less than FCB’s match. I believe this game was much more intense too. The dynamics of the game was very different to Barcelona’s style. You see a game on TV and it’s good but when you watch it live, it’s a different beast.
Too happy.
I can’t stop smiling. I saw top players. Di Maria, Neymar, Mbappe, Aguero, and so many more. Top players from all over the world. It’s a good time to be alive for a football fan.
The fans made this game better. Let’s just say they brought things that weren’t allowed to make the game (fireworks?).
No one wants to play with me, just kidding.
We explored the city more after the game but I didn’t take pictures. I just enjoyed the moment while the huge crowds from game began chanting and partying on the streets.

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