My 10 day trip to Spain (Day 1)

España. Talvez un dia voy a regresar y vivir ayi para siempre. As someone who has never embraced the Spanish/Latin culture, this trip changed me quite a bit. My sisters listened to Spanish music, watched novelas, and embraced the Latin culture all the time. I did not. I did not like speaking it. I would always reply in English when someone spoke Spanish to me.

Thankfully, my parents still pushed me at young age to learn it and told me to be proud. They pushed me to go to Spanish school every Friday after school to learn how to speak and write Spanish. My parents also always spoke it in the house. To this day, this always speak Spanish in the house. I am now very thankful for this and I am very thankful for what they did to me when I was an ungrateful brat.

I decided to go to Spain because I had the idea that if I liked it enough, I would look for an IT position and move there. I also believed it would be easier to get by since I was bilingual (It definitely was). I also wanted to go because I wanted to see Messi play in one of the best football stadiums in the world. This dream was about to become a reality.

This trip holds a special place in my heart. I felt like I belonged. It was something that felt very nice. I spoke to my sister about this and she said she felt the same when she first went to El Salvador. It was a sense of belonging that we never felt in Canada. It was nice to see people acting exactly like my parents. The similarities were uncanny. It was a surreal moment. Everyone was exactly like our family and we could relate to what they talked about. This is something I have never felt in Canada.

I hope you enjoy my trip through my pictures.

We arrive at our first hotel in Barcelona. My sister chose 3 hotels. One in Bracelona, one in Madrid, and one when we come back to Barcelona. There is no privacy in the hotels. We had to leave the room when one of us showered. This was the cheapest hotel out of all of them.
We head to the subway and begin.
I think the reason why we stopped here first was to see that monument.
The amount of Spanish I begin hearing makes me feel welcomed.
Massive buildings everywhere. Europe is so cool
I’m overwhelmed as usual
We see a majestic looking building. We head that direction.
selfie 🙂
My sister being ahead of me. There’s a first time for everything, aha.
Before we go up, my sister gets a nice shot of me 🙂
This outdoor elevator reminded me of Las Vegas.
Everything is so picturesque.
Our first day in Spain and we are blown away.
As usual the buildings are massive.
This is me on my phone and looking like a swag king.
I snapped a shot of my sister. 🙂 got you!
It’s very crowded here.
The view of the city is stunning.
Another selfie of course.
A shot of me running this city.
My sister already tired from walking.
We go in the museum.
We See some nice pieces of history as usual.
Very cool.
The ceilings always looks fantastic.
My backpack in the front to show I’m not stealing. Or I’m pregnant. You make the decision.
We leave and head outside.
going through the crowd.
Another view but definitely not the last view.
The art is everywhere as usual.
Ripe looking oranges for the taking.
I get hungry.
Japan’s KFC was awesome. I decided to try my luck in Spain.
KFC was very disappointing in Spain. I was more interested in Horchata, empanadas, tapas, and paellas. This is practically the stuff my mom makes. I wanted to see if it tasted different (it did not).
I also eat gelato. An essential snack.
The night walk begins.
The streets are quiet. I expected this city to be bumping.
It was still an excellent walk.
We head back to hotel and prepare for day 2

These are the only pictures I have of the first day. We did a boatload and I was too busy looking at everything. We went to a local mall, walked all over barcelona, went into a museum, had KFC (LOL), and just walked all over the city. This city is quiet. It has a very laid back vibe. Day 2. Here we come!

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