Day 4 – Keto Diet

I’ve been busy but the keto continues. It’s really hard to get back on keto. Once you taste those sweet carbs again, the struggle is real. I have been managing to do it but not as strict. As the days pass by, I’m becoming more strict. Less than 20 carbs was my goal before. Right now I’m doing less than 50.

Tri bars on my roadbike. Blasphemy?

I’m so close to getting mys abs, oblique, and just overall definition that I can fee it. My vascularity is showing again too. My waist size is currently 32 and my chest size is 38. My cafe du Cycliste cycling medium jacket feels baggy. I’m debating whether on ordering a small and seeing how it fits

I have given up trying to buy a new bike. I got desperate and decided to see if I could find a carbon fibre specialist to repair my bike from the accident. I’ve been reluctant to get this fixed since it’s a constant reminder of the accident plus it’s carbon fibre. Any accident could wreck the material caussing it to be a huge risk to ride. I am happy to be alive! until next time.

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