Santini 365 NuHot Cycling bib

I ordered this on December 2020. It finally arrived in the mail today. I ripped it opened and started analyzing it immediately.

Here are the reasons on why I purchased it:

  • A very reputable brand with a rich history in cycling
  • An addition to my winter cycling bibs. I need more, obviously.
  • I’m always looking for the best. I’d like to see what my options are.
  • It was on sale. I purchased it for 152.00 CAD. The regular price was 280.00 CAD.
  • It’s made in Italy. I believe in the quality .
  • My first race fit cycling bib. I can see if there is a difference between the standard fitted bibs I wear.

I put it on so far but I haven’t taken it out for a ride. I would like to see how these compare to my Assos winter Cycling bib and my DHB winter cycling bib. Will I notice a difference?

This bib has a lot of technical fabrics that is supposed to keep me warm. We’ll see if there is truth to this. What I can tell you is that this thing is very tight compared to my standard for bibs and I like it.

I am 5’7 and 158lb. Holiday weight is still there 🤣
The chamois is amazing. One of the best I’ve felt so far.
A thick chamois for comfort.
Made in Italy.
One layer of fabric. How it looks from inside. Apologies for all the dog hair.
Front view.
The back.
I like.

So far this is it! DO you have this pair? What do you think of it? I’m excited to take this out on my 2021 rides and beyond.

UPDATE JUNE 2022: I love my Assos winter cycling bib and my DHB winter cycling bib. I wear the santini cycling bib the most during the fall/winter/spring. I love it. I would definitely buy another one of these. It has the right compression and because I’ve acclimated by riding through the Canadian winters, this is perfect for me. I’d recommend it 100%

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