My Two Week Trip to Japan – Day 7 (Osaka)

Day 7 was another day trip. We were knocking day trips like it was nothing. We decided to go to Osaka. Osaka is more lively than Kyoto but not as lively as Tokyo. This is just what I thought. You can also go to Disney Sea or even Universal studios from Osaka. We decided to not do that since we wanted to explore the city. We could always go to Universal studio or Disney world in Florida.

It was a shorter commute than Hiroshima too. Let’s continue the journey.

We begin our journey and see this face everywhere. We also start hunting for snacks.
We see Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup
We see more vending machines and then head to the train.
Japan just makes everything so small, cute, and delicious
Was it good? OF COURSE IT WAS >:D
We arrive in Osaka
The journey begins.
We go to the subway to go to our first destination. I snap a pic of this stylish woman with her stylish bag.
We wait for the train. The reminds me of Toronto for some reason
We wait and take in the views.
We are on the train heading to the Osaka Aquarium.
We head towards tourist central. Everyone has stylish hair
We start seeing attractions
We don’t want lego land.
We want the aquarium. On the left is the area to buy tickets to Disney Sea.
We try to go to an aquarium when we are in another country. I love marine life
A very unique duc
Show off.
This is pretty cool…..but what is that over there!
I love it.
The aquarium was short but very interesting.
We leave the aquarium and look around the area. We see this. This artist is a legend. People love Mazinger Z. Especially my mom (and all of Japan of course)
We go into a mall.
Hello Kitty Overload.
Of course I get my daily intake of KFC
Just another shot. I swear, I would go back to Japan just for another chicken sandwich.
A subway in Japan
We head back to the train to go to our next destination
We are going to Osaka Castle. We have to go through a large park to get to it.
Where it is? we are looking all over. How could we not see this thing?
We continue walking.
We are finally starting to see parts of it.
We find an entrance
There it is. We just need to get through the fort. There is also a mini river surrounding it.
Imagine having to build this? Insane. Look how big the stones are!
The modern side.
The side of history
We go all the way up and get a great view of Osaka
We leave and head towards the city
We cross streets and keep going down the shopping centre.
It’s super long.
We finally make it out. This is how the entrance looks.

These are all the pictures I have of Osaka. We head back to Kyoto. This was a great city but we preferred Kyoto and Tokyo over Osaka. I don’t know, it was ok for us. Maybe we hyped it too much. What do you think?

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