My items are coming in the mail and as usual I was too excited to do an unboxing video. I tore it open like the maniac that I am and threw it on. I took it on an indoor ride to see how it felt. I hope you watch the video, I WAS IN THE ZONE!

I am 5’7 and 155lb in this picture

Unfortunately with the under armor base layer underneath the jersey soaked up all the sweat and the jersey wasn’t too wet from my sweat. Here are some pictures and somethings I noticed with this jersey

My chest is 39.5 inches here


  • Got it on sale for 107.00 CAD (regualr 212.00 CAD)
  • Zipper is very smooth
  • Minimal in design, small logo
  • 3 pockets


  • Material feels very unique but not as premium as my Cafe Du Cycliste summer jersey
  • It’s too minimal and looks like every other jersey out there.
My waist is 34.5 in inches

I’m happy that I own another jersey since I need more. This jersey will do the job which is crucial but it looks like every other basic black jersey out there and it’s nothing special. There’s nothing wrong with that but I would not pay full retail price for this. I also wouldn’t get this specific model again. My journey to look for the best cycling jerseys continues.

Side shot. Long arm length
Very visible
3 pockets in the back
Another front shot
Another back shot
Arm length
Ok we’re done here

Until next time. stay safe and keeping riding

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