Rapha Pro Base Layer Review (video + more)


It’s getting cold in Canada and I need more base layers. As a skinny person, I get cold quickly. Base layers solve this issue when I’m out and about on any occasion. I also have base layers for my runs and for the gym. I make sure I get high quality base layers because I like looking good in them. I’m all about looking fresh. Base layers are also tight. This motivates me to work hard so I look good in them. If I start looking at little chunky in them, I hit the gym harder. Am I vain? Probably.

I’m always on the lookout for new brands and new pieces of clothing that I think look dope and hopefully look dope on me. Rapha is a brand that I’ve always been curious about. I saw this and decided to buy it this year. I wanted last year’s color but I waited too long and it sold out last year. This time I just went for it and made the purchase.

So far I have used it on all of my rides to see if it will keep me warm. I’m sad to say that so far it does not. It does keep me warm to a certain extent since it’s still a base layer but it does not perform as well as the other base layers that I own. My ASSOS base layers and my Nike/Adidas base layers do a much better job in my opinion. Would I purchase one of these again? No. I would try other brands or buy more ASSOS base layers.


  • Looks dope
  • Neck warmer (substitute for gaiter or balaclava)
  • Different colors available with text in the front
  • A different approach when looking at base layers


  • Expensive (130.00 Canadian plus shipping)
  • The light material does not feel warm compared to to other base layers I own
  • Feels cheap compared to my other technical base layers that feel nicer. This is subjective.

My Stats:

Weight: 150lb

Waist – 34 Inches

Chest 39.5 Inches

2022 UPDATE. I would not get this again but it does keep me warm in the cold. I’ve ridden them in extreme cold warning alerts in Canada, layered with a long sleeve thermal and winter cycling jacket. I believe I can withstand the colder weather since I have acclimated from riding in the cold so much, take that into consideration. It is incredibly tight on me and when i put it on or take it off, I hear tears. The material is not as stretchy as my other base layers and continues to feel cheap. It Still looks cool but I like stretchy material that feels better on my body and costs less.

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